To Love In Sickness and Health

Well, I am feeling better. Not 100%, but probably around 75%.

I am definately still antagonizing the hubby, so obviously if I can drag my snot nose, sore throat, crazy ranting annoying self out of bed to terrorize him, I MUST be feeling somewhat better! Right?

I think he still loves me…though he says I better stop writing mean blogs about him.

Hubby: Why do you write such mean things about me? I don’t leave messes all around the house.

Me (thinking to self): If he didn’t have a wife he would live in filth 24-7. Boys are so gross.

Me: It is the truth. The people have a right to know what happens after marriage. Maybe you should think about getting your own blog just to defend yourself.

Hubby: Too much work, besides everyone is already against me…..

Cue sad music here


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One response to “To Love In Sickness and Health

  1. I’ll never forget when I first looked in my now-fiance’s refrigerator before I moved in: moldy pizza and ketchup. EW

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