Question of the Day


Just curious.

Is it bad that I come to work, with the intent to spread my germs everywhere?

Or is it worse that no one I work with cares?

Or is it worse yet, that I work in a healthcare environment?

Being the evil person that I am, I hope they all get it!


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8 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. whatigotsofar

    If you’re not intentionally coughing on your co-workers desks and rubbing their keyboards across your butt, you’re not really doing anything wrong.

  2. Terra

    haha! I come to work all the time sick all the time just so I can contaminate!

  3. Ram Venkatararam

    I think they are asking for it by holding down jobs in the first place…they’ve got a lot of nerve being employed when so many others are without jobs.

    BTW – didn’t know rubbing a keyboard across your butt was wrong…

  4. I think it’s worse that I go to work INTENDING to catch any diseased flying around so that I won’t have to go to work…

  5. getoutfromundermyrock

    Little known fact: There is an unwritten rule in heathcare, it is widely promoted by almost ALL healthcare employers. You may never call in sick. You must come to work, half-dead or otherwise, and under no circumstances shall you show up for work without bringing your cooties, preferably the contagious variety, with you. And you must always take additional cooties. again preferably the contagious variety, home, to aid in their uncontrolled spread to the general population. If you come to work (or go home) harboring contagious diseases (except small pox, TB, MRSA, and VRE), then you are guaranteeing your future employment at this or millions of other healthcare facilities.
    The logic behind this is simple: If there are no cooties and no carriers, then there is no transmission. If there is no transmission, then no one is ill. If no one is ill, then no one needs a doctor or hospital or health insurance. If those services become obsolete, then, by God, then millions of people would have to go back to school and we would have to have our taxes reduced because the government would no longer have to provide any kind of medicaid or medicare.
    No matter where you work, but especially if you work in any sort of healthcare area, you must follow this golden-cootie-rule. (You may only be exempt if specialize in something like trauma, heart disease or cancer… oh, or cosmetic surgery… those will always be with us, cooties or no cooties.)

  6. getoutfromundermyrock: GOT IT. I hate that Golden Rule! 🙂

  7. ranmon

    Are you my boss? If not, that monster definitely came into work with the intent to destroy our winter. I still cough, 2 months strong!!!

  8. I don’t know which of those things is worse, but I found it hysterical.

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