Eating Krackel Bars


Earlier this week, Hubby came barreling through the house wanting to know who ate all his Krackel chocolate bars. Alas, I was sick and Rae was never home. So, I pointed out to Hubby, that it MUST have been HIM that ate all his Krackel bars…..

Me: You probably ate them all yourself!

Hubby: I did not! I know there was ONE left!

Me: You’re an emotional eater.

Hubby: Are you saying I am fat?

Me: No, I am just saying you ate them all yourself and you don’t even realize it! Want some popcorn?

Hubby: No, I am not eating now!


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4 responses to “Eating Krackel Bars

  1. Ooo, he ate them and then insulted you! Ahh… Men- can’t live with them can’t live without them!

  2. As if being sick could stop anyone from eating chocolate ;P

  3. Yeah, I’m thinking the “being sick” part doesn’t let you off the hook. You really ate them, didn’t you? I do that all the time but swear I didn’t and then smile when HBL scratches his head and then walks off muttering about his failing memory. 🙂

  4. Midlife: Do you think I am that devious? 🙂

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