Daisy, RIP

Today’s showing of America’s Next Top Blogger is brought to you by another long-time reader and funny gal, silent orchestra.

The topic is bacon. No more details were given.

With this being said, I must say, I am not much of a bacon gal. Turkey bacon? Most definately, but regular bacon. Not.So.Much.

Here’s the reason. When I was in Adv. Bio 3-4 in Highschool we had to dissect a fetal pig. And as many of you might gather by this time, I am a big animal fan, so this was not an easy task for me. I mean, I like animals better than people! Really. They don’t talk back, stick with me people! 🙂

Anyway, due to having to dissect our fetal pig, my lab partner and I named our pig Daisy. We become very bonded to her, despite having to examine all her poor little innards. She was no longer “the fetal pig” but Daisy. The one and only. And even though she never got a real chance at life, we decided that we would let her know how much she meant to us. We talked to her…she knew about our highschool crushes, our desires, our sadness and she listended. Boy did she listen. She never judged, not once. She was a true hero and to this day I am forever grateful to Daisy. She became a really good friend and taught us so much.

She also taught us where bacon comes from. And because of this, I usually don’t eat bacon out of respect for Daisy. Poor Daisy, may she rest in peace. I will never forget her.




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7 responses to “Daisy, RIP

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  2. Losing your professional distance during a procedure is a bad idea. I had to dissect a fetal pig when I was a sophomore in high school. I had a blast. 🙂

    And I still love bacon.

  3. Lori

    My husband is a big bacon fan and we actually received a year long subscription to the Bacon of the Month club as a wedding gift in ’06. But none of that bacon was Daisy–I promise!

  4. omg… flash backs to an anatomy and physiology lab class in college! Yes, we named our fetal pig that we were dissecting, too. We named her Petunia.

  5. Ooooh…slight panic there over your blog post title, hehe!
    I had to dissect an eyeball once. Grim.

  6. C.A.Margonper

    I hate bacon. And I think that dissecting animals in school should be completely prohibited. What the blazes in the point, anyway? Can’t the students just learn about the inside of an animal from books?

  7. silentorchestra

    omg… there’s a bacon of the month club?! love, love, love.

    Okay… well fair enough. I skipped the dissecting day in school… although… it was a worm, but you know, gross nonetheless.

    And ya, I generally love animals more than people… and yet, I still eat them. Crazy, I know, but such is life. Actually, I’m pretty sure I could be a veggie if it wasn’t for bacon, as I really don’t ingest that much meat. But… oh, bacon. I love you so.

    Turkey bacon is definitely a fine alternative… but… just doesn’t do it for me 100%. I need all the goodness that bacon offers.

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