The Million Dollar Question

So, once and for all. You must answer the question, truthfully, so I can finally PROVE to Hubby what I know is already true. I think secretly he knows the truth, but just doesn’t want to admit to it. I need this data to prove to him, statistically, logically and non-biasedly what I have known my whole life.

Yes, he is stubborn and needs the cold, hard facts to believe me. Because you see, once I can show Hubby this poll, we can finally get past our differences. Maybe.



Filed under marriage

6 responses to “The Million Dollar Question

  1. iambrowneyedgirl

    Girls totally rule!!!!

  2. The Last Post

    Absolutely, no doubt about it.

  3. this is just a formality, right?

  4. Well, so far your pole is proving correct!

  5. steviej

    It won’t be a poll that proves him wrong. It will be YOU!!!. It will just take some time. How much time dependes on how smart he is.

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