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Banned Grocery Store Trips


Why you should never let me go to the grocery store during that time of the month.

Yea, I can mock myself, Hubby. Beat that. Who has the better sense of humor now?

Hubby: What did you get at the grocery store?

Me: Hmmm

Chocolate Chex

Chocolate donuts

Chocolate pretzels

Hubby: HOW much did all that COST?

Me: WHY? You wanna fight me? You should be thanking the chocolate gods for making me happy!


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I will never…


Something you should NEVER do as a NEWLYWED, courtesy of my sister and her husband:

1. Never Bribe your Husband a week’s worth of “favors” to get him to do the yardwork because he just MIGHT actually DO THAT yardwork, right Sis?

How’s that yard coming? 🙂


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