Wii Cheating

Hubby is a MarioKart Cheater.

He just IS.

So, we then decide to play Wii Monopoly–after I almost break Hacim’s coffee table in my fit of rage….just kidding, but really his house is not me-proof….I am kinda a crazy wii player.

And now Hubby is trying to beat the computer at Monopoly. Since I won’t play with him anymore.

He thinks the wii computer person is cheating.

Yea, right…..



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7 responses to “Wii Cheating

  1. C.A.Margonper


  2. Damn computers. Take the fun out of everything…

  3. They don’t cheat- they have the upperhand!

  4. The Boy cheats on Mario Kart too…and won’t tell me how he does it. Not a level playing field!

  5. Sar

    whatever look what your dog did while I was dog sitting!

  6. There’s Wii-Monopoly? Seriously?!

  7. slightly: TOTALLY IS…go check it out! 🙂

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