I don’t remember…

Hacim, Hubby and I were recollecting on the couch one night….remembering the good ol days.

Hacim: I have no beer.

Me: Who ARE you?

Hacim: I don’t drink that much…

Me: Since when? You used to drink all the time! When did you turn into an old fart? I used to get these kind of calls.

Back in our college days:

Hacim: Come pick me up. I am drunk.

Fastforward 3 years (when Hubby and I live in TX-was kind of hard to do when we lived in different states)

Hacim: Come pick me up. I am drunk.

Fastforward 1 more year (we live in CT)

Hacim: I am drunk. There is puke all around me, I don’t know how it got there.

Hacim: I don’t remember.


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5 responses to “I don’t remember…

  1. hahaha, I am still very much at the stage he was back in the day.

    In fact, I am drunk right now.

    Please come pick me up.

    Wait, I am already home.

    Never mind.

  2. Thats how my fiance is too… “I don’t drink much”

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  4. Well, that’s where the AA lecture called “Are you a blackout drunk – or don’t you remember?” comes from!

  5. Of course he doesn’t remember. Alcohol kills brain cells……or so they say. I’m still testing the theory, myself.

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