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Getting Up Early Delusions


So, in order to make our money go further, I have decided I should give up parking at work and find parking elsewhere. However, this requires getting up early, and as we all should know by this point, I am not a morning person, but usually when I set my mind to something ….I can accomplish it. So, here’s what happened.

On our car trip home this weekend:

Me: I am totally getting up early tomorrow to get a good spot at work and workout!

Hubby: Uh huh, sure.

Me: WHAT! I can get up early!

Hubby: How early?

Me: Ummm I think an hour earlier than I usually do, so 4:30 maybe.

Hubby: HAAAA HAAA HAAA THAT will never happen.

Me: Rude! I can totally do it to save us money.

Fastforward to yesterday morning 5:45am…

Didn’t make that 4:30 wake up call yet…..I think I will try for tomorrow….maybe.

I can do this, right?


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This topic of America’s Next Top Blogger is brought to you courtesy of Ram at http://foodhere.wordpress.com/ . He wanted a dialogue between Harland Sanders, Toller Cranston, and Scooby Do. Yea, this is definitely out of my comfort level, so bear with me people. I wasn’t even sure who Toller Cranston was….I knew the rest, well mostly Scooby! J

Setting the scene:

Scooby Do has just helped himself to Shaggy’s Special Brownies off the counter. He is now doggy dreaming on the couch.

Scooby (sleep talking as brownies dance in his head): MMMM me love brownies.

Harland Sanders (appearing out of nowhere in Scooby’s dream): Don’t you want some Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Scooby: MMMM chicken.

Harland Sanders: It is finger licken good! Scoob, I will trade you some chicken for some of your brownies…

Scooby: Ok.

Toller Cranston: Hey, I want some too!

Scooby: Who are you? Are you Brian Boitano? I loved that Southpark song.

Toller Cranston: I am not Brian Boitano! I don’t even look like him.

Scooby (singing): 

What would Brian Boitano do
If he was here right now,
He’d make a plan
And he’d follow through,
That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

Shaggy (shaking Scooby hard): Scooby, want some chicken? I just got back from KFC! Hey! Did you eat all my brownies?

Scooby: Yea…and they gave me the weirdest dreams….Mmmm chicken.


 Well, Ram, hope this did it for you…as you can see, I don’t have much experience with the “magic brownies”



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