Crowdings and Body Bubbles


Rae and I were talking tonight and I realized just how similar we are. It’s a little scary.

Rae: Yea, I had to drop the boy back at home last weekend cause he was crowding me….and I hate being crowded and I was sick of sharing my bed.

Me: I know EXACTLY what you mean. Hubby crowds me all the time. He is so needy and totally invades my personal bubble.

Rae: I know, right. They are such women! So needy like. Wanting to cuddle and crap.

Me: I know, what is with that? I came home today and Hubby was attached to my hip. I wanted to send him to his mother in Texas. Just so I could have a break.



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6 responses to “Crowdings and Body Bubbles

  1. Lori

    This may be one of my favorite posts! My husband is the same way sometimes…

  2. This reminded me of Dirty Dancing. “This is my dance space, this is your dance space.”

  3. yeah, seriously…hearing you on this one. like the picture… my personal bubble is about the size of a large ferris wheel (maybe the london eye).

  4. I like cuddling, but I do NOT like strangers standing in my space. Yesterday I was at the bank and this guy was almost standing right on top of me. HELLO, have you NEVER heard of personal space?!

  5. Terra

    i hate space invaders…they make me want to kick and punch!!

  6. The Last Post

    I love your post, a friend of mine stands right in front of my nose when he talks to me and it is so annoying. I wish I had one of those force fields you see in star trek.

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