So, in case you didn’t notice. I had to change my avatar. Yep. Didn’t really want to, but some of you weirdos out there thought it resembled a (hmmmm how do I put this delicately) well, where babies come out (Thanks, Hacim).

What do you think? I guess I just don’t have a twisted mind…wait I take that back….

Oh well, thank goodness for new avatars!

It's a cat nose!

It's a cat nose!



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5 responses to “Wha..?

  1. I … never made the connection. And I’m a pervert.

  2. whatigotsofar

    It doesn’t look at all like a stork.

  3. Lori

    I totally knew it was the nose of one of your pets. Sorry people imagined it to be something else!

  4. i knew it was an animal nose. don’t babies comes out of alien pods?

  5. Thanks guys…..

    American: no babies come from eating watermelon seeds. 🙂

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