The Princess Ring


I went out to lunch with my friend from work this week and she asked me about my rings. I have 3 rings on my wedding finger…that is when I remember to wear them. 🙂

Friend: Why do you have 3 rings?

Me (matter of factly): Because I am a princess. Princesses have 3 rings.

Friend: I want to be a princess too! I am going to tell my husband to get me one!

The funny part is that Hubby’s sister has a princess ring too, only when we were talking about it at Christmas time a few years back, Hubby jumped into the conversation with a very important question:   Hubby: So, you just go to the the jewelery store and tell them you want to buy a princess ring, and then they just know what a princess ring is? Me (rolling eyes): Yes, Hubby, that is EXACTLY how you do it.

The story behind the princess ring is quite simple really. My sister’s BFF told me, at her wedding, that she was getting 3 rings when she got married because she IS a princess, and so, in order for her husband to marry her, he had to provide her with “the princess ring.”

I thought it was cool. I wanted to be a princess too. I told this to Hubby.

He laughed.

I told him I would divorce him.

He got me my princess ring.

I am a princess.

End of story.

Hubby even engraved it to say “princess ring.”  What a smart guy I have! I guess I will keep him.

3 rings=PRINCESS

3 rings=PRINCESS



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7 responses to “The Princess Ring

  1. Terra

    I have two rings…i keep telling my hubby I need a third one before we have babies and are too poor to afford another one. Maybe I should just buy my own 🙂 and surprise him when he gets home from deployment!

  2. Terra: You tell him you deserve it!
    I will share my “princess-ness” with you! 😉

  3. Aw! If I marry, I want a princess ring too!!!

  4. Ok, if I ever get married again I wanna be a princess, too. uh huh.

  5. steppingthru

    My Prince Charming bought me a gold band for our wedding 31+ years ago. I wear it on my middle finger on my right hand. On our 25th wedding anniversary he bought me a diamond ring that looks antique. I wear it on my ring finger. Both rings are precious to me. I may not be a princess but feel like his precious Queen every day. Congrats, your rings are beautiful.

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