Google and My Popular Blog


So, I have now been at this blogging thing for awhile now, long enough to consider myself knowledgeable–not yet genius level. Yet. Recently, I have noticed that I get a lot of traffic from being googled. That doesn’t bother me, but the things people type in order to find me are strange to say the least.  Very strange, does this reflect upon me? You know, like I can Google CRAZY and my name pops up? That is just amazing.

Here are some of them from yesterday. Do you get weird Google searches too, or is it just me? I know, I am weird and all, but that’s why you love me, right? And my amazing sense of humor.  

My thoughts are in italics.

Fail I do like to talk about failing.

home early morningEarly morning? I don’t do mornings.

fail?Yea, I get it, I am a failure.

your my favorite crazy ass bitchHubby, did you search for me this way?

birthday failwhat is with all the failure, people?

husband & wife cartoonI am all about cartoons. LOVE EM.

broken wedding ringsIs this symbolic of Hubby and me? Are we broken? I see it more like unique.

money tree—I wish someone would find one for me.

stress reduction kit—stress, what is that?

Strange Husband—Yup, I agree.

pics of grown-ups bebies—Huh? Not the B word….

tee ten gee—WTF?

shamwow guy—Thanks, Lori. I know who he is now!

sisters figting—My crazy sisters…yup

Push—hmmm, like shove? I do push people….

funny looking marriage pics—Well, Hubby is a little funny looking.

narnia stone knife—Huh? I am lost here. I don’t think I have ever blogged about Narnia or knifing someone. Yet.

getting up early—Again, the bane of my existence

17th black mourning dress—Black is my favorite color. Black equals death.

fail pictures—I get it, really I do. Everyone finds me through the word FAIL.

bed hog fix—Yup, that is my dog and Hubby.

is elmira ny a good place to leave—Elmira is my town. MMMM Pudgies.

Where do babies come from—Hacim still doesn’t know

no bills wanted—Can this be my motto when getting the mail?

Crazy people are eating me—DUDE, stay away….






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15 responses to “Google and My Popular Blog

  1. nice search terms.

    all I can boast of is:


    that’s the most used term to get to my site lol.

    clean as can be 🙂


  2. Now those are some interesting searches. I only get people looking for wisdom and if Paula Deen lost weight. How the heck should I know, right?

  3. oh my goodness, I’m so worried about whoever is being eaten by crazy people!!!! haha… 😉

  4. coffee

    great comic; love the shamwow too!

  5. Isn’t it amazing what people seem to look for on the Internet? And even MORE amazing how those things can lead to you? 🙂

  6. whatigotsofar

    Isn’t it a little redundant to say that crazy people are eating you. Eating people isn’t something that sane people do. I would just assume that people who eat people are crazy.

    I get a lot of search engine hits from terms that are a bit risque and sexually motivated.

    But I still get at least one hit a day from searches for ‘el kabong.’

  7. 17th black dress?? I think CSI needs to investigate the woman who did that search. yikes!

  8. Lori

    This is why my blog is set to not be searched by Google. I am way too pregnant and emotional to know that people found their way to me by searching for things like “narnia stone knife.” That would keep me up at night!

    And sorry that people are now coming to your blog in search of Shamwow guy info. My bad.

  9. steppingthru

    Strange Husband? I think that could lead to just about all of us. I need to check mine out and see what kind of goof balls are googling to get to me. I get some real weird comments that I just delete.

  10. I got plumpi-strumpi once on Google search…weird!

  11. Wow – these are spectacular. Seriously, fantastic. I’ve had some weird ones, but not THIS insane :P.

  12. Yeah, we all get them – I just looked at some of my old ones and the funniest were “butt stuffing” and “golden retrievers in hot tubs” and of course there are many that can’t be repeated (pervs are everywhere these days). People are strange but then again so are some bloggers (not naming names!!) Hugs.

  13. C.A.Margonper

    “You know, like I can Google CRAZY and my name pops up?”

    Maybe there’s a connection you’re not aware of…


    I’m kiding, of course.

    That last one killed me, by the way. With laughter. 🙂

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  15. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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