In the Zone…


(NOTE: Boston refused to give us the royalty check for this picture. This is the position we find him in when we come home)

Yes, I will fully admit it. I am one of the laziest people I know. So, when I decided I would start getting up at 4:30am (psycho) every morning to get a good parking spot ( saving money) and workout, most of my friends and family laughed at me. But, I would have laughed at myself too because I know that I am lazy. For instance, I will call Hubby to bring me a water when I am standing two feet away from the fridge because I feel like he needs to feel useful.

So, the mere fact that I have kept up with this (without making up excuses) is amazing. Really. Truly. It isn’t that I am not motivated, I just get bored easily. ( I think it is cause I am the smartest person in the world–no, really…I am)

The irony is that I think I will keep this up. I mean, besides the getting out of bed part (my pillows are so comfy AND it is dark outside), I am actually enjoying myself once I get to the exercise room. I am actually finding myself to feel energized and I am amazingly witty in the morning (yea, this is a rarity as we all know I am no morning person); I guess I should thank the endorphins. I also have new found energy and besides feeling old, barely being able to lift my arms and feeling like my legs can barely support me after I exercise….I think that I can keep this thing up.

You want to know my secret?

Britney Spears, baby. Yea, that is right….she gets me through the eliptical, bike machine, treadmill, and arm machines. I love her. So, I must dedicate my new-found passion, increase in brain power, and ability to get up in the morning to Britney.

Special Note: Thanks to Hubby for making me a mix cd of all Britney’s music.




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10 responses to “In the Zone…

  1. bandnerdtx

    Found your blog through Condron. I so understand what you’re saying! There’s nothing sweeter than lying in bed and being lazy, but when I hear Womanizer, I gotsta move! Good job working out!

  2. yay for you (i think i’m lazier than you btw)! i actually loathe working out and find it unpleasant but i love how i feel once i’m done. if i don’t do it every day, i’m a total grouch. good music always helps. justin timberlake is my workout muse (hmm, i can see the Brit rolling his eyes). britney is good too!

  3. Lori

    Man, waking up and working out in the wee hours of the morning is rough–congratulations to you! That’s awesome!

  4. WIFEY!! I admire you! I could never, ever, ever get up that early. I would die. How do you get yourself out of bed??

    (PS — I’m back for real this time, with a “legal” blog, that’s still kinda fun and I can’t get scrutinized at work for… I’ll always remember the old days though, Wifey…) 🙂

  5. Wifey: Hubby shoves me outta bed and our demon possessed cat Americus screams til I get up… is pure torture 101 tactics. ( I don’t suggest using them)

  6. Terra

    YAY FOR YOU!!! It feels so good AFTER you are done working out! Keep it up!

  7. But… But… Britney?! Ok, ok, I suppose she’s good workout music… Motivation, no matter from where it stems, is good. Just remember not to let her voice kill all those smarter-than-anyone-else-brain-cells of yours :P!

  8. Slightly: I don’t know if we can be friends…Britney is my girl! 😉

  9. sauer kraut

    When I am driving down the street and Britney comes on, I find myself too lazy to exit the car.

    Instead, I can only bring myself to changing the channel. Thank god for the push-buttons on the dash.

    As for her voice, when I run my voice thru all the circuitry, I sound so much better. Wanna hear me do my Rush Limbaugh immitation?

  10. C.A.Margonper

    Way to go, girl!!! Keep going!!!


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