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Peep Show


As Hubby ponders his mysterious guest post blog, I thought I would help him along with my own blog about what you, dear readers, might like to know about our relationship, Hubby, or myself (we all know I am the most interesting-no ego here).

Think of it like your own private peep show into our lives….get your mind out of the gutters!

This way I can get the deep, dark secrets out of the way before Hubby tells you some whacked out version of a story that I know not to be true. Not that I don’t trust him, but you know…Hubby sometimes can be very evil and I have no idea why. ( I still wonder who he learned his evil ways from, being as innocent and naiive as I am). And not that I have any deep, dark secrets… I just like to keep my best interests in mind—I am good like that.

So, dear readers, list some things you would like to know in the comments section about us….and I will answer them as thorougly and intimately as I can. I mean, as you all already know, our life is an open book (whether Hubby likes it or not) and my side of the story is always right…….always.


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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder–NOT


More of your FAVORITE conversations.  Hubby got a call yesterday to go do some work at a casino out in New Mexico.

Hubby: So, by the time you come home tomorrow, I will be gone.

Me (probably a little TOO excitedly): WOO HOO. How long will you be gone for?

Hubby (rolling his eyes): Only one night. I will be back Wednesday, probably around the time you get home.

Me: Oh, that is NOT long enough! Can’t you stay longer?

Hubby: No, you would be too lonely without me.

Me (dreams of having the bed to myself are quickly dispersed): silence


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