Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder–NOT


More of your FAVORITE conversations.  Hubby got a call yesterday to go do some work at a casino out in New Mexico.

Hubby: So, by the time you come home tomorrow, I will be gone.

Me (probably a little TOO excitedly): WOO HOO. How long will you be gone for?

Hubby (rolling his eyes): Only one night. I will be back Wednesday, probably around the time you get home.

Me: Oh, that is NOT long enough! Can’t you stay longer?

Hubby: No, you would be too lonely without me.

Me (dreams of having the bed to myself are quickly dispersed): silence



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5 responses to “Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder–NOT

  1. You say this NOW – but remember how much you missed him cooking for you last time he was gone?!

    Sorry for quipping Britney – I promise I won’t make fun of her [or you] anymore.
    Or I’ll try at least ;P

  2. Sllightly: I can only try and forgive you about the Britney crack. TRYING.

    However, back to the Hubby and cooking stuff! I know he wouldn’t pre-make me any food, so I don’t starve. Thus, I don’t love him anymore. (for the present)

  3. sweetreviewer

    Aww Very funny post. We woman say this all the time. But if they leave for a longer period of time, we miss them.

  4. ranmon

    I’m still in my honeymoon phase, so my fiancee refuses to believe I will be leaving for 2 nights at the end of the month. Methinks she’ll even hide the suitcase…

    But she’ll be more than happy to occupy the entire bed like yourself!!!

  5. Awwww…ain’t love grand!!

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