Peep Show


As Hubby ponders his mysterious guest post blog, I thought I would help him along with my own blog about what you, dear readers, might like to know about our relationship, Hubby, or myself (we all know I am the most interesting-no ego here).

Think of it like your own private peep show into our lives….get your mind out of the gutters!

This way I can get the deep, dark secrets out of the way before Hubby tells you some whacked out version of a story that I know not to be true. Not that I don’t trust him, but you know…Hubby sometimes can be very evil and I have no idea why. ( I still wonder who he learned his evil ways from, being as innocent and naiive as I am). And not that I have any deep, dark secrets… I just like to keep my best interests in mind—I am good like that.

So, dear readers, list some things you would like to know in the comments section about us….and I will answer them as thorougly and intimately as I can. I mean, as you all already know, our life is an open book (whether Hubby likes it or not) and my side of the story is always right…….always.



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8 responses to “Peep Show

  1. Very Brave post…I think the best way to let someone into your world is to tell the world
    What is your biggest fear…that is too say WHAT R U MOST SCARED OF…. great post…this is one of my favorite blogs gotta tell ya..Zman sends

  2. Lori

    I would like to know how you two met. And I would also like to know your husband’s take on the “Not It” rule.

  3. getoutfromundermyrock

    I would like to know what the one most memorable moment that made one or both of you laugh so hard that pants-peeing was almost inevitable? And would either of you like for this memory to conveniently disappear forever? Why or why not?
    (Sorry, lots of questions… inquiring minds, ya know.)

  4. do you guys each have a quirk that you find completely endearing to each other (but yet would annoy other people)?

  5. Terra

    What the one thing about your wife that you absolutely adore? What is the one memory of the two you that stands out most in your mind?

  6. How did you end up married? Romantic proposal… or coercion?!

  7. have you ever ginen your hubby the old dutch oven

  8. sauer kraut

    peeps are evil. they is always messing up my microwave.

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