Wii you be my friend?


I have a new addiction (this is not good).

I now am obsessed with getting friends for my wii. It is ironic because I am SO not the person that even wants friends in real life (too much work), but on the wii…well that is a different story. Ever since we went to visit Hacim. He got me addicted to Mario Kart, which I suck at by the way, and renewed my love for Dr. Mario. He then proceeded to tell me that we can play wii with each other from our perspective different states.

Me: I need more friends for my wii WFC channel.

Hubby: You are ridiculous, you don’t even have that many friends in real life.

Me: I know, but in real life you have to maintain your friends, in wii land, it is completely different.

Hubby: You are a wii Dork.

Oh.my.gosh.  I didn’t think it possible, but now I am even more in LOVE with my wii.

So, the other night, Hubby and I played with Hacim and his girl for over 3 hours straight….until I thought my eyes would fall out. They both whooped our butts in Mario Kart, so much so that it was embarrassing. Hacim’s special talent is to wait a few paces from the winning line and then right as we are almost there…pass it. JERK. I hate him.

So, then we played a couple of rounds of Dr. Mario, because I RULE at that. Made both of them cry.

How do I know? Because I could just feel their tears through my screen. Plus they like to kill themselves when they are losing. Kinda like a martyr tactic, I suppose. 

Anyways, would you like to be my wii friend? Just let me know…and then I can play all of you out there in the blogosphere.



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8 responses to “Wii you be my friend?

  1. I tried SO SO many times to get my Wii to connect to this. And it won’t.
    It makes me sad!

  2. maybe you aren’t doing it right…I will tell you how to do it 🙂
    You need a friend code! 🙂

  3. If you buy me a Wii, I’ll totally be your friend!

  4. Thank God I don’t know what wii is. Something to do with cellphones maybe? They say that getting old doesn’t mean so much that you are leaving the world behind as it is leaving you behind. This is true, but I’m not kicking about it.

  5. P.S. Having shared the news of your latest addiction, maybe you can update us on ALL(?) the rest.

  6. snowbrush: a wii is the most amazing game system ever! It is interactive. Google it. It is good for OP (old people) too because you have to stand up to play and move around! 🙂

  7. OP is old people? I thought it was opossum, and I kept wondering why the hell everyone was calling me a ‘possum.

  8. Email me your Wii number and I’ll send you mine. And then I’ll send you my Mii and the hubby’s Mii… =)

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