My Best Feature


So, it is a running joke in my family that I got the ghetto booty. I don’t have the boobs, I have the booty and everytime I see the whole family they don’t let me forget it, especially the sisters (I think they are just jealous).

My parents are in town this weekend for a quick visit and my mom was talking about how her pants are too big in the booty.

Me: I will NEVER have that problem! (Even though I am doing my morning workouts…I doubt the booty will change…I just know, and I am okay with it)

Mom: Yea, I agree, you don’t have that problem.

Me: Thanks, Mom, way to show some support. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. It is my best feature, Hubby’s favorite, in fact.

(Shouting) Right, Hubby?

Hubby (shouting from another room): I always liked your eyes.

Me (pshaw): Yea, right…..that is so lame. No one likes eyes!


Me: Gag me



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6 responses to “My Best Feature

  1. Its so funny, i always get mocked that i have the boobs and no butt!

  2. Unfortunately my amazing booty is now going south — apparently it is in search of warmer weather just like me! And the perky boobs that used to look up at the sun are now gazing at my knees – oh gawd see what you have to look forward to?! LMAO The good news is I have a Devoted Spouse who continues to maintain that I am gorgeous – he’s such a keeper!

  3. Ghetto booty is a good thing..everyman likes looking as some junk in the trunk…having the butt in better then the boobs….you go ..zman sends

  4. steppingthru

    Yeah, in our family my younger sister got the height, the pretty dark blue eyes with long eyelashes, the gorgeous red hair, the flat tummy and all I got was pretty hands. Not a fair deal at all! So I feel your pain my friend.

  5. LOL So you were blessed with a big booty. My boyfriend wishes I had one. Alas, I am cursed with the FAS aka Flat Ass Syndrome. Many women of Asian descent have it.
    Bless you and your booty.

  6. I have neither the boobs nor the booty :(. Hubby might SAY eyes, but he MEANS booty. For sure.

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