The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning


I am having the WORST morning that ever existed. Truly. Also part of last night. Let’s start from the top.

Strike 1

Upon arriving home last night from drinking, I was too tired to eat what the Hostage had prepared (I had already eaten, anyways, but that doesn’t matter). I immediately decided I would go to bed SINCE I had been at work for 12. 5 hours (doesn’t matter if I didn’t work the whole time) AND had been up since 3:30 (ungodly). So, there I am, starting to count sheep drifting off to lullaby land when our house phone starts ringing, jolting me out of my bliss. NOT.PRETTY.

It was Hubby, but for some reason the phones weren’t working or something (I have no idea) so he literally called the house about 5 times, everytime, I was nearly asleep.

Strike 2

I wake up from nightmares at 1am. Not going into detail here because my sister will try and analyze them and they were just NOT.PRETTY. Don’t know why this happened, they were more like comedic, twisted nightmares—all the detail I care to share right now as they still scare me. Really hard to fall back asleep.

Strike 3

!&###! The alarm clock goes of at 3:30AM because I forgot to turn it off yesterday, thus again waking my peaceful sleep. !&###! Not Pretty.

Strike 4

I can’t find Americus, the evil alarm clock cat. Did I see her this morning when I fed her? I can’t even remember. I fed the pets, that part I remember, but that is about it. Feedings in the morning are done in a zombie-like daze. Panic sets in. Did I leave her outside (they get supervised outside time)? Did I shut her in somewhere (I have a tendency to shut her in closets…not on purpose)? Is she in with Rae?

I then spend 27 minutes looking for her, making me late for my workout routine. Still can’t find her. Need to leave. UGH.

Strike 5

The Hostage and Rae have made dishes (from last night) as high as the sky AND left their messes everywhere. This throws me into a crazy, psycho clean freak mode. I can’t deal with messes. All I am saying is, make as many messes as you want, but clean them up, please. I am sure they will clean it up today, but that made the bad witch come out this morning.

Strike 6

I didn’t get to take a shower, so I stink. I was too lazy to take one last night and I assumed I would take one at work, but now I just don’t care. But, my feet are black. Gross.

Strike 7 

The stupid hair straightner that I was going to attempt to use, IF I had taken a shower this morning (cleanliness is overrated), is broken. I thought it was just the outlets, but after plugging it into like 10 outlets around the house, I determined it is broken. Yea, I AM that slow in the mornings.

Strike 8

I am forfeitting my morning workout (gasp) in order to write this blog and because I was late getting to work AND because I fear with the way this morning is going, I will probably just end up breaking something…which might not be a bad thing? This is the first day I have missed in 2 weeks. I feel guilty.

Strike 9

I banged my knee hard on my desk this morning. Please don’t ask me how, I am known for my klutziness. I think my desk bit me, actually.

Strike 10

Hasn’t happened yet, but if it does….I am packing everything up and going home.


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15 responses to “The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

  1. Wow! That is a bad morning. You’ve been through three innings already, and the day is just beginning.

    I’d make sure and double-check your lunch before eating it–better safe than sorry.

  2. Oh wow…3 strikes is bad enough but 10…I love your blog but I dont understand the hostage thing….but i hope the rest of your day and some of the following days are good for you…Zman sends

  3. zman: Thanks. The hostage is my sister’s boyfriend who we have hijacked to make us dinner’s for the week, while my Hubby is gone. He cooks. A requirement in attributes for any type of male suitors!

  4. whatigotsofar

    That’s three outs and you’ve already got one strike into the next inning. Keep your eye on the ball when you swing.

  5. What… truly I do sympathize but, really it just sounds like a another day in my house… the only difference being that I work at home so there is quite simply no escaping… but then I have no excuses for the cooking messes as I am the cook… lol And the phone ringing twenty times in the middle of dinner or even as I drift off to sleep, is for my “last chance to renew my auto warranty.” But don’t get me wrong… my wife, the “wifey” I call her, makes all worth the effort when she smiles.

    You might want to remind the “hostage” if he ever wants to see the light of day again… he, she, it needs to clean up after itself when it prepares the evening’s meal that should, by the way, be an epicurean delight fit for king and queen… eh?

    BTW…Where do I find one of this domestic hostages?

  6. getoutfromundermyrock

    I think, at this point, I would have just forfeited the game and called in (out?) sick…. then went back to bed.

    You poor thing.

  7. Lori

    Strike 3 is particularly painful. Man, I hate when that happens!

    I hope that the rest of the day goes better for you!

  8. Rough day! I know this routine, I see it lived out by some one close to me quite often. Hope things got better and you can write about all the things that went right for you.

  9. That’s a lot of strikes. The best way to deal with a bad day, IMO, is to end it. Have a better tomorrow.

  10. I have days like that, quite frequently I think I’m jinxed, I find a glass of wine at the end of a bad day helps x

  11. Hi there, Thanks for the comment on Bohemian feel free to interact more.

  12. twin, i am so with you. let’s grab a drink, shall we?

  13. Thanks everyone! The day has gotten better, thankfully! Drinks, anyone?

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  15. I hate those days!! I hope tomorrow is better for you!

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