Dear Hubby

I am not being good.

Just thought you should know.

P.S. You DON’T have to call everyday…especially at night….you are making my boyfriends feel awkward when you call so much to check up on me.




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5 responses to “Dear Hubby

  1. whatigotsofar

    You’ve inspired me.

  2. whatigot: wanna be my boyfriend? You have til Saturday night to come over…after that, all bets are off. (That is when Hubby requires my boyfriends to be gone)

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  4. whatigotsofar

    Thanks for the offer, but sorry, I can’t rub another man’s rhubarb. Well, not again.

  5. OMG -too funny. I think I have texted my hubby that once when he was out of town! I have read a bunch of your posts and they are all hysterical! Thanks for the laughs!

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