A Typical Male


So yesterday, after I brought Americus home from the vet, Boston (her boyfriend with benefits) was a little moody. These two cats love each other so much, so I totally “get” what he is going through. Below are their actions, yet I am also incorporating the dialogue that I think went with it:

I let Americus out of her crate, Boston starts sniffing her and licking her. He obviously knows she is under the weather.

Boston (voice like Tony from the sopranos): Where you been, bizzo?

Americus (feeble-like): I have been sick. I don’t know what is going on.

Boston (voice like Tony from the sopranos): You smell like ass, let me clean you up.

Americus (feeble-like): Thanks.

They both than retreat to our bedroom closet where they decide to curl up next to each other.

Boston (voice like Tony from the sopranos): I love you, you better get better soon.

Americus (feeble-like): Yea, I am trying, but I feel like crap. Awww…you NEED me….

Boston (voice like Tony from the sopranos):  yea, whatever.

Later on, Americus moves to another room, Boston follows. Again sniffing and licking her.

Boston (voice like Tony from the sopranos): You know you should eat something! 

Americus (feeble-like):  I don’t know what that crap that mom got me is. I am so not eating it, it is SO NASTY!

Boston (voice like Tony from the sopranos): I KNOW! She tried to see if me and Patches would take a bite! We both denied her, that stuff is CRAP. What a waste of money!

As I enter the room, Boston gets up and walks away from me. Hisses at Americus and avoids me like the plague. He is obviously moody. He also wouldn’t eat this morning, so I am off to the store to get them both some tuna…..they never turn that down.

 I think he is having his typical boy moodiness cause his girl is under the weather.  There’s a boy for you.

UPDATE: Americus ate some dry food tonight! YEA! This is the first time she has eaten in two days! Keep up the good thoughts, prayers and whatever other good vibes you want to send our way cause we appreciate it!


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7 responses to “A Typical Male

  1. Hey . . . we’re allowed, you know, sometimes. When it’s okay with the significant other. But you have the right approach–feed us and all is forgiven.

  2. Awww, what a sweet love story.

  3. That truly is a great love story. Your cats are adorable!! I love your dialogue posts, but i bet it sucks to type out the big long name of who is talking. (You probably copy and paste anyways.) But I have seen some bloggers have the long name for the first sentence and then shorten it up by initials. Ex.:
    Boston (voice like Tony from the sopranos) would be: B(VLTFTS).
    If that helps at all 🙂 If not, you can tell me to MYOB 😀

  4. How is she doing, by the way??

  5. dmright: thanks for the tip. I usually do do that, except…..Boston is so cool that I felt the need to type it everytime, so no one would forget! 🙂

  6. getoutfromundermyrock

    Yipee!! Glad the kitty’s feeling a little better. Maybe Boston gave an ultimatum —
    Boston (voice like Tony from the sopranos): You get betta or I talk to ya no mo.

  7. Aaaaaw, kitty-love ^_^. Boston’s definitely a typical BOY though.
    Hope Americus will feel much better soon and that she keeps eating the dry-food! Definitely a good sign :).

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