He’s Baaaacckk!


Me: Make me French toast!

Hubby: ok

Me (jumping ahead): But, you have too! I have had a very stressful week!

Hubby: I said I would, but we don’t have bread, so I have to go to the store.

Me: Sorry, I am used to the Hostage being insubordinate, so I jumped the gun a little. It is so nice having you back…I think I have a whole new appreciation for you! 🙂



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7 responses to “He’s Baaaacckk!

  1. rae

    you are a liar…..i know this to be true from what I have observed….so i know when i see a LIE..your hubby does not always do what you say you liar…my SLAVE did well and cooked for you even when i had late nights at work where is your gratitude hmmm?

  2. There, you see? Absence does make the heart grow fonder. 😉

  3. Hostage-no-more

    I was hardly insubordinate, especially to you. Not that you asked me to do anything while my significant (your sister) was away… I still asked you when you wanted dinner. ALSO when you were being oh so Mannix and not feeling like eating because of your ailing feline… I made you food anyway.

    I was only insubordinate to the two of you whining at me.

  4. whatigotsofar

    I had french toast today. It was wonderful.

  5. Aw, see? Hubby really must love you to be able to be such a ready and willing slave ^_^.

  6. Hostage: You are free…..it is my job to razz you. But, overall, you were a good one. I will rate you later…TBA!

  7. our husbands are so good and obedient aren’t they? i think they secretly like being bossed around by us.

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