Not a person…

So Rae and the Hostage were talking, as they were reading my blog.

Rae: Hostage, no one agrees with you on the blog. They all think you are WRONG.

Hostage: That is because I AM not a person on the blog.

Rae: What do you mean? Your name is Hostage. You are a person.

Hostage: More like a slave. A slave isn’t a person.

Me (piping in): Of course they are! I mean back in the day people would trade things for slaves. They were such a hot commodity. Don’t you know history?

Hostage: More like a pet.

Me: Nah, people love their pets more, I think.

Hostage: Yea, I told you! I am not a person.

Me and Rae: EVIL LAUGH.

Poor, poor ex-hostage.




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4 responses to “Not a person…

  1. I love the picture of your dog and cat. Read about my cats today and tomorrow if you get a chance.

  2. Hostage needs to man up and stand up for himself…funny post…Zman sends

  3. I agree with Steve. Hostage is being a wimp. Hubby occasionally pretends to stand up to you at least! 😛

  4. Hostage-no-more

    Stand up eh?

    You people are quite biased. When I stand up for myself you faithful readers cry “Insubordination!” and call for beatings.

    When my actual words are not voiced on the blog I am called a whimp.

    There is no pleasing anyone. Perhaps I should have simply left them to eat cereal all week.

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