Sisterly Love


Rae: Do my homework!

Me: No

Rae: Write me a cover letter for work….puhlease?

Me: No


Me: What will you give me?

Rae: Whore.

Me: Slut.

Rae: I hate you.

Me: I hate you more.

Rae: DO IT

Me: Give me presents!



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5 responses to “Sisterly Love

  1. That’s some solid family lovin’ going on there!

  2. feelin’ the love thousands of miles away.

  3. I agree with J.W. – I can just feel the looove.

  4. On Sisterly Love : Why bribe the sister why not have the hostage do it??

    On How Hard is it: Holy Crap if it were a bill that companies make sure they have right addresses…I hate junk mail..hate CT as well though so sorry bout that…Zman sends

  5. zman: don’t be sorry, I hate CT as well! 🙂

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