Type: mixed tabby, Female

Americus was in a previous post (see Alarm Clock from Hell). She and I don’t see eye to eye most of the time, mainly because she loves boys and I have a tendency to squeeze her like the little girl Elmira in Tiny Toons. She will never admit, how much she loves that. We got Americus for Boston. My roommates and I decided he needed a friend. Never did we realize how much he would actually LOVE his new friend. J

She came from the pound and is the only pet, I haven’t found on the streets. While she grew up, we had boy roommates who used to feed her food off of their tongues, this is why I think she loves boys. Gross, right?  Anyway, there isn’t much to her, she isn’t that social, unless she knows you. She enjoys going outside, rolling in the dirt, catching bugs and eating Turtle Food (don’t ask). She also has a thing for getting brushed in the bathroom and watching you take a shower….weird, but all of our animals have some kind of weird quirk.


5 responses to “Americus

  1. rachel

    whatever she totally loves my company now and i have no idea why…she is always coming in my room and laying on my bed and purring now, it’s strange…for her anyway.

  2. She can relate to you….for some reason.

  3. coffeebeanie

    So now I know there are others pets out there who watch their owner taking shower – not only my dog & kitten! 🙂

  4. My cat watches me shower, too. At least I know now that she’s not the only voyeuristic kitty out there…

  5. C.A.Margonper

    My cat also watches me taking a shower. He even meows and talk to me. I think he asks: why on this earth are you in the water?! Are you crazy???

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