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Homeward Bound?


These conversations come up all the time. And I would just like to say, Hubby is NO fun!

Me: Can I stay home from work tomorrow?

Hubby: Yes

Me: Can I stay home from work everyday?

Hubby: No


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Exercise 101


Me (as we are getting into bed): Did you do your push ups?

Hubby: eh, no.

Me: Do them!

Hubby (getting out of bed): Yea, I know. I am trying to look hot for you.

Me: Three push ups a night aren’t gonna cut it!

Hubby: That is why I do four!


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Hubby’s Not so Lucky Day

The Closest image I could find in relation to the elusive Mountain Man....

The Closest image I could find in relation to the elusive Mountain Man....

Another day in the life of me and Hubby’s pre-bedtime conversations. Oh, to be a fly on our wall, right?

Me: Guess what? It is YOUR lucky day!

Hubby (looking a little scared): Why?

Me (proudly): I shaved my legs!

Hubby: MMMMM

Me: Oh, don’t worry your not THAT kinda lucky. Plus you still have that scruff going on.

Hubby: But I look SEXY.

Me: More like a Mountain Man.

Hubby: No, this is not Mountain Man, this is Wilderness Boy. Wilderness boy is just scruff…Mountain Man is full blown beard.

Me: OK, glad we have that straight now.


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Moments of Silence…

Me: Hubby, will you please drive my mom and sister home because I am too lazy?

Hubby (sitting right across from me): SILENCE

Me: Hubby, don’t you love me?

Hubby (not even looking up): SILENCE

Me (more quietly and sad): Hubby, don’t you love me?


Me: I don’t like these moments of silence….you are supposed to jump up and say “YES, Dear of course I will. I love you soooooo much!”


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Morning NOISE


Lately, Hubby has been getting up really, really, really early to go to work. And we have already established that I AM NOT a morning person…so to be disturbed in my sleep is like waking up a bear from his hibernation. NOT.PRETTY. Of course, Hubby doesn’t think he is being that loud, but to me…sounds like FIREWORKS and MARCHING BANDS are going off in the morning as he slams around in the bathroom, taps his toothbrush, and shuffles about our room. Basically, I am about ready to KILL him. Again, I am just not rational in the morning.

So, sometimes we talk about this at night. I guess, I am hoping maybe he will be quieter or maybe he will realize how annoying he is in the WEE HOURS OF THE A.M. Although I am convinced he makes the morning bangs on PURPOSE because he doesn’t want me to sleep in any longer than he does, but he denies this. LIAR!

Me: In the morning, in my semi-state of consciousness, I dream that I am killing you with each bang you make. You know, like stabbing you like this….(violent stabbing motions are being made)

Hubby (rolling his eyes): I am SO quiet in the morning!


Hubby: Waaaaaaaay quieter than you are.

Me: Probably true, but you are still not THAT quiet.

Hubby: I even lay out my clothes the night before, so I don’t make the drawers creek!

Me: You still bang around on purpose to wake me up!

Hubby: And you don’t EVER make noise!

Me: That’s right. That is because I am perfect! J


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Love letters


Hubby: You are so mean…writing hate blogs to me.

Me: That was my form of a love letter to you.

Hubby: Your love letters suck! Didn’t you get that love letter I put in your lunch earlier this week. (He really did put a love letter in my lunch)

Me: Yea, I did, but that was only cause we were in a fight….

Hubby: Silence (cause he knows it is true)

I am thinking I could write a nice blog about him….but I am going to have to think hard on this one….bear with me and check back tomorrow….or the next day. We shall see what I can come up with, so I can get a good Christmas present! 🙂


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