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No Game…


Hubby and I were talking over lunch today and I was saying how this week when he works for the ballet, he had better not pick up any new dancer girlfriends. You gotta appreciate marriage right?

Hubby: Yea, I always loved dancers….they are so flexible and watching them jump around putting in a mylar dance floor was always awesome!

Me: Hubby! Seriously, you have NO GAME. I mean IF I were a boy, I would have said watching dancers bend over or stretch, you know THAT is hot….not watching them do manual labor. And as your friend, not your wife, I am telling you: You have lost your game.

Hubby: Well, I don’t need any game anymore. I mean, I already have you.

Me: Yea, right, but someday when I am dead, you will have to get a new girl. So you NEED game. Plus it makes you feel good!

Hubby: Yea, true; well I still get checked out all the time. I just need to shave my wilderness boy scruff.



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Fairytale Endings (AWWW)


As Taylor Swift has said in her songs, “I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairytale.” Yea, that sums up my life. Despite my wishes for these things, life is not all roses and champagne. (Too bad, right?)

I don’t know about you, but somedays I wonder why I am not living in a fairytale. But, then I realize I probably am and just don’t realize it. So, in no particular order, I am listing the reasons I love the Hubby because even though I whine and complain about life, he really is my prince:

·         He draws me warm baths, with my favorite magazines and champagne on really hard days. I can’t explain why this soothes me, but it does. Someday I will have my own Jacuzzi bathtub

·         He listens to me when I am crazy about cleaning the house. Because cleaning the house to me equals serenity. (And I can be really crazy about cleaning)

·         He likes to cuddle in bed. Even though I put my cold feet on him.

·         He makes me dinners. I would eat cereal day in and day out if he didn’t cook for me, which would get quite boring.

·         His ability to be my rock when times get tough.

·         His ability to make me laugh and smile.

·         He will get up and get me a water…even if he is already in bed.

·         His ability to love me even when I think I don’t deserve it.

There are probably a ton more reasons I could think of….but then his head will swell up and he will think he is the most AMAZING husband ever (and yea he probably is) but, if I told him that he would never let me live it down. So, shhhhh don’t tell him I said that.


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What Makes a Marriage Work?


This morning I was listening to my sister’s brother-in-law, Mike, on his morning radio show (does that make him my honorary bro in law, since I torture him mercilessly?) at his radio station (check ‘em out they play great music and the morning conversations are amusing), QMFM:

(sure another shameless plug, but he put my check in the mail, right Mike?)


It got me thinking (and that doesn’t happen all the time J). The topic was on marriage and how to make it work, and I am no expert in this area– by any means, but I do have some key things that I think work for Hubby and I, which I thought I would share with you all:


1.      Laughter– at yourself and each other. (For all the times I make fun of Hubby, I think it is important to realize that no one is perfect and by being able to laugh at each other, it can only bring you closer)


2.      Talk through your problems…or yell through them (Don’t hold stuff inside because you will just end up hurting yourself and each other)


3.      Develop rules (AKA the NOT IT rule…..sure, we might laugh about this….but NOT IT keeps the playful spirit alive, The Rules)


4.      Remember at the end of the day, no matter how hard or bad it was….that you still have each other ( I know, awwww)


5.      Be adventurous and take risks (what have you got to lose?)


6.      Be real with each other (one thing I can always depend on Hubby for is his ability to tell it like it is)


7.      Remember that marriage is work (it doesn’t take luck to make it work, but real hard work…you have to be involved and willing to try, but that is what makes it more fulfilling)!


8.      Don’t try and change each other (Hubby will never change me, no matter how much he tries to get me to cook or clean—but, I think that is part of my charm—and even though I complain about him, I wouldn’t change a thing!)


9.      It is no longer about me only, but us (yea, I am still working on this one….but Hubby reminds me that things are “ours”)


10.  Be patient (also not a strongpoint for me, but hey I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without him!)


Well, these are my own tidbits I have learned, and while I am by no means perfect (I like to think I am), I do realize when I have a good thing…..and I couldn’t live without Hubby! I need him, and I think he needs me to make him laugh at himself and realize life couldn’t be better with anyone else…good times and bad, right Hubby?


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There’s No Place Like Home, right? RIGHT?


After all these NICE LOVE blogs I did for Hubby, THIS is the thanks I get. People, you have no idea what I put up with! 🙂


Me (he called earlier): Sorry been in meetings all day, hope you are having fun flying. Excited to have you home.

Hubby: Boarding for Cancun now…

NOTE: (That is NOT where we live….)

Me: I hate you!


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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…


Dear Hubby,

I am so excited for you to come home tomorrow. I have missed you so! The NOT IT rule is no fun when you are not here to scream it to. You are therefore, banned from leaving me alone from here on! Here are the things I won’t miss:

*Feeding the pets in the morning (they are evil)

*No one to talk too, besides the pets (all they care about is food…after that, they want nothing to do with me)

*Taking the trash out (that is a boy’s job)

*Making dinners (let’s just face it, I suck)

*Having no one to boss around (Rae doesn’t listen….EVER)

*Sharing the bed with the pets (they are bed hogs, especially Patches)

*Having to clean up cat vomit myself, rather than calling NOT IT (NOT FUN)

*Lack of bedtime conversations where I make fun of you (leaves a void)

*Your advice, even though I never listen (in my defense, I am deaf sometimes)

*And mostly, no one to kiss me goodnight and tell me they love me (even when I am mean and don’t deserve it)

I promise not to take you for granted anymore…ok, well maybe not for one week…gotta have realistic goals here!

Love, Wifey


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Who Knew?


But, I really miss the Hubby!

I tried cooking dinner tonight: tacos. They were remotely successful, but I had no idea how much work it is to cook! Plus, there is no one here to torment and Rae is not nearly fun enough to boss around, plus half the time she doesn’t listen.

Hubby, I miss you. Please come home soon (with both your arms, please) and cook me dinners again. Plus, the NOT IT rule (The Rules) is no fun by myself because I never win!

Sad day.


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The Good Girl


Dear Hubby,

I have been such a good girl while you have been gone. I have done the dishes every night, although I guess that is easy when you eat cereal every night. I have not burned down the house. I have not thrown my computer on the floor when it froze up three times tonight ( I did pound on the keys a few times though, so it knew I was mad). I have even done some laundry. I have remembered to spray Patches’ foot with her medicine (now putting on the cone is another story). And most importantly, I only had a few boyfriends over, although when they wanted to play doctor, I said no. So, as you can tell, I am staying out of trouble. No need to worry. 🙂

PS. However, when you do come back ….good luck reclaiming your side of the bed. I sleep in the middle now, with Boston on one side and Patches on the other.


Your Favorite Wifey


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