Patches Phoenix (arose from the trash)

Type:  Tri-Color Collie Mix, Female

Our dumpster dog was found in a dumpster outside of Ross. Our only Texas child, she was born and raised somewhere in Dallas/Ft. Worth. She is the neediest dog you will ever, ever meet. If you leave a room, she will follow; if you go to the bathroom, she will whine by the door; if you put your shoes on to go outside, her teeth will chatter with fear that you are going to leave her….FOREVER, I think. Even though we have had her, pretty much her whole life, she still has this irrational fear of abandonment.

She loves to whine, that is her specialty. It doesn’t matter if you are in the same room with her, if you are not touching her in some fashion, she will whine and cry til some part of your body is touching her. Hubby likes to ask her “What girl is Timmy in the well?” Whereas she will cock her head, as if to say, “Why yes, Dad. Please we must rescue him!”

She loves snow, ice cubes, Greenies and herding the cats. She has found her best friend, since moving out West—her cousin Sydney….they lick each other’s mouths. Enough said, right?

5 responses to “Patches

  1. coffeebeanie

    Very touching story! I got Shorty (dog) & LouLou (kitten) from the streets too. I hope I give them the best in their life.

  2. Frugal Vet Tech (Student)

    Cute dog. I love tri-colored dogs. Someday, I will have a tri-colored Collie again.

  3. Steve-o

    There is no snow in AZ; your dog is screwed!!! Greenies work, though. They’re like crack for dogs.

  4. Steve-o, there is too! In Northern AZ….you don’t get out much do you?

  5. C.A.Margonper

    She’s so heary. I wish I could have a dog. But my current lifestyle doesn’t allow it.


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