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Wii Alters


I must say Hubby is bad luck and brings out the worst in me.

This weekend we got Mario Kart. I am a bit of a crazy driver, but I am practicing and getting better. Watching me navigate the wheel is probably a bit like being in a New York City taxi cab at rush hour (you can’t understand a word of what I am saying, and are in fear for your life). A bit scary, and a bit thrilling, all at once. 

I feel like the wheel has a mind of its own and when my NYC taxi driver alter comes out…..watch out. Or maybe I am just that retarded. (Don’t comment)

Anyways, this morning I was practicing my driving skills and I was getting 1st and 2nd place for the most part. WHOA. I am amazing and feeling pretty good about myself. Then in walks Hubby asking me how I am doing and if I am getting any better.

And in that very instant, I fell to 12th place and my crazy alter “The NYC taxi driver” returns and I crash and swear every two seconds.

Me: Well, I WAS getting better. Til you came in here and jinxed me. Out. I say, Out.

That Bad Luck Hubby of mine had better stay on his side of the house!


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End of my Rope…

rope_by_matt_westI have heard that bad things happen in three’s…..so I think I should be about done now. Yesterday my car was broken….and it just about put me over the edge. I feel like I can’t win lately and no matter how hard I try to have a positive outlook, something always happens to alter it. What is going on lately? I just can’t seem to get ahead at all.

I am hoping that the string of bad luck will end soon or else I think I will let Rae’s new pet, Charlotte eat me. Here’s hoping. Here is too the end of my bad luck……or a tasty lunch for Charlotte!


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