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Hubby’s Not so Lucky Day

The Closest image I could find in relation to the elusive Mountain Man....

The Closest image I could find in relation to the elusive Mountain Man....

Another day in the life of me and Hubby’s pre-bedtime conversations. Oh, to be a fly on our wall, right?

Me: Guess what? It is YOUR lucky day!

Hubby (looking a little scared): Why?

Me (proudly): I shaved my legs!

Hubby: MMMMM

Me: Oh, don’t worry your not THAT kinda lucky. Plus you still have that scruff going on.

Hubby: But I look SEXY.

Me: More like a Mountain Man.

Hubby: No, this is not Mountain Man, this is Wilderness Boy. Wilderness boy is just scruff…Mountain Man is full blown beard.

Me: OK, glad we have that straight now.


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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…


As we are brushing our teeth getting ready for bed the other night, Hubby and I have an interesting conversation.

Me: You have red eyes. That is how I know you and Patches are ready for bedtime.

Hubby (staring closely at himself in the mirror): I don’t have red eyes, do I?

Me: Yup you do.

Hubby (again examining himself closely): Do you think I should shave soon? I think this scruff makes me look SEXY.

Me (matter of factly): I think it makes you look old!

Hubby (sarcastic): I don’t look old!

Me (matter of factly): Yes you do.

Hubby: Well, it isn’t like I have any gray hairs yet….do I? (And he begins to examine his hair in the mirror)

Isn’t Hubby lucky to have me? For better or worse….and I think he is SO VERY LUCKY! 🙂


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