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Why I love Hubby


I recently got tagged for this WHY I Love Hubby award.

 I had the following thought process:

1. Who says I love Hubby?

2. Write another Love Blog to Hubby? EWWW I prefer Hate Blogs.

3. Should I allow his head to get ANY bigger–he is starting to not be able to fit through the doors because of his I-am-awesome-complex? Well, I guess he is away this week, so maybe it is ok.

So, in the spirit of the award, which was given to me by an amazingly, funny lady,  Crone and Bear It, I decided to do it… so here goes:

I love Hubby because of conversations like these, he just gets  me, you know. And he has a dazzling sense of humor with a dose of sarcasm, you need that to survive my amazingness. Yea. I AM just simply amazing, right Hubby? Oh wait, was this supposed to be about you?

I survived the early wake up time a few days ago to drive him to the airport. Barely. That is why I am amazing. I mean WHO gets up at 3:30AM to drive their Hubby to the airport? Usually, not me……however, I guess maybe I DO love him on occasion.

For instance, that morning he was so cute and that’s why I love him.

Hubby: Want me to make the bed and fluff your pillows, so the bed is comfy for you tonight?

Me: Nah, just leave it. I am going to change the sheets anyways.

Hubby: Why? For all your boyfriends that will sleep over while I am gone?

Me: Yup, gotta have clean sheets; I’m weird like that!


Hubby: Do you love me?

Me: No

Hubby: But I love you!

Me: Your loss….

 And I am passing on the award to:

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Sometimes You Just Know…


Hubby and I are in pre-bedtime routine mode. When on flips a commercial for dialing 1-800-one-5252 to find your one true love.

Hubby: I am going to dial that number to find my one true love, in case it isn’t you!

Me (handing him my phone): You better dial it now, I MIGHT not be it!

Hubby: But, what if you are? What if I call it and it says you ARE my one true love!

Me: Than you have a long, hard life ahead of you! On the other hand, you can’t get much better than me!


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Confessions of A (Bed) Side Stealer

Every morning when Hubby gets up to feed the obnoxious pets, I roll over and steal his side because it is warm and I like to spread out. This morning I thought I would be an amazing, nice, wonderful wifey and feed the pets for him, so he could stay in bed, even though it is a “boy’s” job to feed the pets. (Yea, so I have already failed my resolutions…I knew I would…that is why I said they are more like attempts).

So, I did it and what do I find when I come back to the bed? But, Hubby on MY SIDE! I try and push and shove him to no avail.

Hubby:  MMMM NO! This time I am STEALING your side!

Me: FINE! That is the last time I will be a nice wifey and feed the pets! (I then crawl back into bed on the wrong side)

Hubby then tries to snuggle.

Me: Don’t touch me!

Hubby: I love you.

Me: I hate you, you sides stealer!

Hubby: So this is love!



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The Curious Case of the Bed Hog

(NOTE: The following story is a true event. The place and names HAVE NOT been changed to protect the identity of the party involved.)

I have always liked laying on the floor. I enjoy watching movies, tv and even sometimes (gasp) sleeping on the floor. For as long as I can remember, my sisters and I have made “floor beds” on the floor with tons of blankets and pillows, so I guess that is why I love the floor so much.

Lately, every morning without fail, Hubby finds me asleep on the floor right beside the bed. I don’t know why I do this. Sometimes I am hot, sometimes I must sleep walk, and sometimes I think it is a curious case of the bed hog that pushes me to the floor…maybe.

Here is the bed hog: (and yes, she really does sleep like this)



The Bed Hog is always HOGGING the bed, if not hogging the bed, then kicking me with her feet. Why does she sleep on the bed you ask? Because IF she does not get her way, she will WHINE and WHINE and WHINE, until I want to strangle her….and try as I might I CAN’T ignore her. ( I know she does sound a lot like me, huh?)

So, this morning, I woke up a couple of times to a gagging, hacking cough-like sound over my head. I thought to myself why is HUBBY sounding like that? Only to semi-wake up and find myself on the floor, Patches laying length-wise on my side, with her head on my pillow looking down at me gag-coughing.

Strange, I think to myself:

1. How did I end up on the floor, while my dog is in MY bed next to MY Hubby, looking down at me, like I am the dog?

2. Is she going to throw up a hairball on me?

Curious, very curious indeed….

Pretty "Princess" Patches

Pretty "Princess" Patches


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