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He’s Baaaacckk!


Me: Make me French toast!

Hubby: ok

Me (jumping ahead): But, you have too! I have had a very stressful week!

Hubby: I said I would, but we don’t have bread, so I have to go to the store.

Me: Sorry, IĀ am used to the Hostage being insubordinate, so I jumped the gun a little. It is so nice having you back…I think I have a whole new appreciation for you! šŸ™‚



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Like Mother, Like Doggy Daughter

Let me paint a picture for you. This morning, I decided to take a personal day from work….I just need it! Mostly because of this:


The thought of missing some free food, just doesn’t work for me. Plus, it doesn’t help that my nose is all stuffed up and my head hurts….hopefully that part will go away once I eat.

So, here I am sleeping in….Hubby is sleeping on his side, facing the other direction, when Patches comes running into our room, stares Hubby in the face and BURPS right in his face. And it was loud!

Hubby: Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

Me: THAT was awesome! That’s my girl!

Burp Queen

Burp Queen


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