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Fun Family Conversations


Just some snippets of family conversation I thought you would enjoy from the holidays.

Mom-in-law to Hubby: Go pull your thing out and let’s play with it!

Hubby, Hubby’s sister and I start laughing…..yea, all of our minds were in the gutter that time!

FYI: she was referring to his baking….AND this is pre-drinking….

Later On that night…

Hubby: OOO OOO look Adult Emporium (XXX) is open…

Dad-in-law (on our way to the Boudros): We might stop there on our way back….we have so many batteries!

Hubby: Ummmm there is such a thing as TMI…and we have just reached that point.

And then at Christmas/Birtday time….

Me (opening my birthday gifts): OO OOO these are the bedsheets I wanted!

Everyone: What material are they?

Me: Satin-like, you know slip and slide material….

Gotta love family entertainment…it is even free!


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Merry Christmas…

Last night at the Riverwalk was gorgeous! We had a great dinner, great conversations, and full bellies! Here is the proof…
Riverwalk lights!

Riverwalk lights!


Riverwalk bridge....

Riverwalk bridge....

Then on to Boudros….Amazing food and they make the BEST guacamole!

Yummy, Yummy!

Yummy, Yummy!

Very full kids!

Very full kids!

Group shot on the Riverwalk...

Group shot on the Riverwalk...

And then it was time for Christmas PJs…..woo hoo!

Yea for Christmas PJs

Yea for Christmas PJs

The family poses with their Christmas Pajamas! Fun times!

Pre-birthday cake....

Pre-birthday cake....

And then it was Christmas…….

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Patches and her present, she is just like her momma…LOVES Christmas and CAN open her own gifts!

WOO HOO Presents!

WOO HOO Presents!

And the aftermath….we call it Christmas Carnage….

the leftover and some tired pups!

the leftover and some tired pups!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope yours is as fun as ours!


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Our drive looked like this, now you can feel like you were right there with us…


We made it and I am still alive…Hubby didn’t kill me for asking “are we there yet” AND except for that unfortunate ( I almost died cause I had to pee) incident it was a relatively uneventful trip. Yea, I totally gulped a Red Bull once we got outside of El Paso and literally we had just passed a restroom and I didn’t have to go…then all of the sudden it hit me…and if we didn’t stop soon, I thought I would die.  Luckily for you all, I didn’t.

Anyways, we are here in San Antonio, weather is beautiful. Tonight we head down to the Riverwalk to look at all the pretty lights and to eat at a great Restaurant down there…..the guacamole is to die for! MMMM I am getting hungry just THINKING about the food! I will let you know how it is!

Happy Christmas Eve, from Texas…



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Christmas Vaction=Freedom!

trip1Whew, the Holidays are upon us and I have the rest of the week off of work….what could be better? Lounging around in pjs…watching Christmas movies, DRINKING, hanging out with family, and doing nothing….life couldn’t get much better. I wish I could be a professional non-worker! J Maybe that will be my goal for the next year!

Time for the long car trip to TX. If you don’t hear from me, than you know Hubby killed me during our 14 hour road trip…..but I think he finds me entertaining, so I am not too worried…plus we have Britney AND RED BULL to get us there! Hopefully, I won’t have to stop at every pit stop…but that is probably NOT going to happen! WOOO HOOO for long car rides! I am sure the dog will be better than I will be! Poor Hubby, I have a feeling he is in for a LONG day tomorrow…especially since he wants to start our road trip at 5AM. EWWWWW. Have I mentioned I am not a morning person!

Hope everyone has a relaxing and FUN Christmas Holiday, and safe travels!  


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Perfect Match


As of today, Hubby and I SHOULD have been in Texass (that is what I affectionately call it), however due to his evil job we are still here. (NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE). So, we are hoping to hit the road on Tuesday early morning to go visit his family for Christmas and my birthday. It is a 14 hour road trip, and yes, we are driving. I am not the best person to drive with because this is me, ARE.WE.THERE.YET????!!!! I know, you aren’t surprised, right. Plus, I usually have to go to the bathroom every 3 miles….yea, I am usually not allowed to have any beverages! I mean you know you have a problem, when our dog is better on these trips then me…..

However, today I am wondering why we AREN’T there yet……I am SO ready for a mini-vacation and break. We haven’t been anywhere fun in awhile and I need a break from my mundane life right now. Now, I am trying to get in the mood to go to work Monday, which I am CLEARLY NOT IN THE MOOD for. Because it was hard enought to be motivated on Friday, when I thought I was not coming back for awhile. I don’t know how I am going to get through tomorrow withought my flask….

On another note, Hubby and I were talking today and this is how we know we are a perfect match.

Hubby: I am trying to get in the Holiday Spirit, but I feel like such a grinch this holiday.

Me: I know, me too. And I NEED some booze to make me get in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT! We need to drink more Maker’s Cider.

Hubby: Do you think it is a bad thing, the amount of hard alcohol I have been devouring chugging consuming drinking lately?

(NOTE: His huge bottle of Maker’s is got maybe 2 shots worth left…and we just bought it in the beginning of December!)

Me: No, you need it and somedays I think I need the whole bottle too….

Hubby: That is how I know we are a perfect match!

Me: I know.


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Fun Finds…

So, I never told you guys the exciting news! My tacky Ornament (My First Tacky Ornament Party) was a big hit…I tied for first place! Can you believe it?!!! I can’t, I was thinking I would end up with my pride and joy ornament, but people were figthing over it…it goes to show where true alligiance lies and that everyone KNOWS the best university in Arizona is University of Arizona! Go CATS!

The ornament I won was pretty popular too. I had to fight two people for it, but finally she could be stolen no more. I knew she had to be mine…..it was love at first sight. She HAD to belong to me. I knew I had to bring her home to Hubby, as he would love her just as much as me! So may I present……

Christmas "Eve"

Christmas "Eve"

She is HOT, huh?

Then tonight Rae and I went out for a few last minute gifts. I found some pretty exciting sales and couldn’t pass up another “perfect” Christmas decoration. I spent a whole $1.50 on it, but it definately suits our household! It is just perfect, huh! What do you think?

The Perfect Sign

The Perfect Sign

So here you have it folks, a few Christmas treasures for 2008! What a great time of the year!


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The Great Christmas Tree Mystery…

Ceramic Tree...where did you come from?

Ceramic Tree...where did you come from?

The Ceramic Tree Mystery:

My Aunt made this Ceramic Christmas Tree over 30 years ago. This Christmas I inherited this tree (my Nanny passed this October and this is one of the things I inherited, see Elmira, NY ).

I was so excited, that is until my sister quite sarcastically stated that this COULD NOT have been hand made! We all thought it was beautiful and one of a kind, until my sister pointed out no one (NOT even our very cool aunt) could make something that looked this good…and played music. My Aunt laughed and said she made it in a Ceramics Class. I completely forgot about all of this, until my sister brought it up again. We also have seen it on my friend’s blog and we  are thinking maybe this item is not as “original” as I had  thought or maybe this is a traditional item that you can make in any ceramics class.

So, as usual, Sar thinks SHE is right, while I still maintain, that even IF other people have it, our Aunt did make it……with her very own hands for our Nanny, so it SHOULD still have some sentimental value, right…well those are MY thoughts on the matter!

Can anyone solve our great ceramic tree mystery? Does anyone know where this comes from? Is it a mold? Is it something sold in the stores? Is it the great Christmas Mystery of 2008? (I just liked the ring of that) 🙂

What do YOU think? Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings because I will still love that little old Ceramic Christmas Tree, no matter what!


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