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An Experience to Remember


Sorry, I know I am behind in these…but I was on furlough! 🙂 So, for those of you still left…I promise to catch up to you this week!

Today’s America’s Next Top Blogger is brought to you from a new reader, Thoughts From Under My Rock. I believe she and I might have quite a lot in common in our adventures at the grocery store. And with that being said, makes for very sad times.

Her topic was: Tell me about the biggest pet peeve you have regarding other people at the store (grocery, department, pharmacy, whatever), inside the store or out (or both), and then I’d like a very adjective and adverb-filled description of what you’d like to do to them for stirring up your fury… I wanna see if you and I think anything alike.

NOTE: As for adjective and adverb filled descriptions: This blog has censored them out…..sorry

Let me start out by stating two facts you need to know about me:

1.      I hate shopping (I know, shocking right?)

2.      I hate dumb people (if you recall, I emit the KRZY vibe, so these people ALWAYS find me.)

And for some reason, I seem to be plagued with both of these burdens, usually at the same time and usually at the grocery store. Why, oh why do the two things I dread most seem to go hand in hand? Never mind, don’t answer that. I’d rather not know.

So, here’s what happened:

Hubby and I were living in Connecticut at the time, while he attended graduate school at Yale. We got up early one Saturday morning to go to the grocery store. Mind you, this is a rare experience when in graduate school because we usually lived off of PB & J, however it must have been a payday week! J

Anyway, we have just finished off our grocery shopping experience, quite painlessly, I might add and I am off returning the cart, when the KRZY vibe strikes—paging everyone on the parking lot to come and get me.

I see a nice grocery cart boy pushing carts towards the entrance of the store, he was literally two feet from me. So, rather than push the cart to the cart collection area, I thought I would call him and just give him my cart to add to his pile.                

Me: Excuse me. Can I hand you my cart?

Cart Boy (clearly turns around and sees me, but pretends he is deaf or mute)


Cart Boy (again turns around looks at me and again turns around as if I am invisible)

Me (now standing in the middle of the street, clearly astounded at Cart Boy’s rudeness while Hubby watches and laughs) (CENSORED ADVERB)

So, let me paint a picture for you, there I am standing in the middle of the road (with Hubby watching and laughing) astounded that Cart Boy would diss me like that…when a car rudely starts honking at me (ok, I will give you that one, I was standing in the street like a moron, but that is besides the point…)

The honking quickly brings me back to reality, I slowly wave and shrug my shoulders at the people in the car, like…I can’t believe this is happening, trying to point at (the now NOT NICE) cart boy.

When the lady in the car starts screaming, honking, and yelling at me, while her 10 year old in the front seat starts flicking me off with his middle finger. ARE.YOU.SERIOUS? (CENSORED ADJECTIVE AND ADVERB)


Me: I HATE CONNECTICUT AND ALL YOU RUDE PEOPLE! Did you see that, HUBBY? Can you believe all that just happened to me?  (CENSORED ADJECTIVE AND ADVERB)


Me (clearly saddened at the state of mean people in this world): Why can’t people just be nice? It is SATURDAY for goodness sake! They don’t have any reason to be mean, they aren’t even at work! (CENSORED ADJECTIVE AND ADVERB)

And, that dear readers, is what happened to me and why KRZY vibes and Connecticut just don’t mix. EVER.



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Fall in the Desert

The other day I was at Starbucks and was mesmerized by all the pictures and drawings of pumpkins and spices on the menu. That is when I knew…..it must be Fall in Arizona! In Connecticut, it was very apparent when Fall hit. The smells in the air of fireplaces, the brisk cold air, the leaves would start changing color and then fall to the ground (mind you I never raked those fallen leaves—that’s the thing the hubby misses most, while I just watched), and my most favorite part Harvest Festivals and Apple picking. I loved doing those things! Can you tell how much I am going to miss Fall?

In the desert, I think people know it is fall by going to Target and seeing all the “Fall”ish items everywhere. Pumpkins start appearing on people’s doorsteps, and of course the Starbucks brings out its Pumpkin Spice Latte. The weather has been getting cooler also. We can finally turn off the air and bring in some of that cool brisk air into the house (along with some dirt blown in from the backyard, and sometimes fresh wafting smells of the nearby cows—but hey what can you do?). In the meantime, I will continue to buy those plugins that smell like pumpkin spice so that I can get my “Fall smell” quota met. That way I will be able to lie down and take naps by the plugin while dreams of fireplaces, picking apples and changing leaves dance through my head.

It might be time for a vacation when you rely on a plugin that much, right?


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Crazy People and Me

I think I have a knack for meeting the oddest people out there. Either I emit some type of a signal that says…”come talk to me crazy people” or it could be I am like catnip for the crazies, not sure which yet.

When I lived in CT, I tended to meet all kinds of wackos. Once, while working at a nameless job in CT, I worked with a girl who used to mimic me all the time. No I am not kidding. At first, I thought she was just talking to herself, no biggie. But, I soon noticed the words that came out were usually statements I had made about a minute ago. This girl was NUTS. I can recall one conversation with her: (I will call her CL for Crazy Lady)

CL: I love Garlic bagels, I eat them every day. I am sure they make my breath stink, but I LOVE them.

Me: uh huh (then answering phone) Hi. How can I help you.

CL:  mimicking, “hi, how can I help you.”

Me to CL:  Can you tell me why you are mimicking me, while I am on the phone?

CL:  I like to mimic and copy you. It is just what I do.

Who does that?

One time the hubby and I were in Blockbuster. We walked in front of a lady who was looking at movies, so the hubby says….

H: Excuse me, maam.

CL#2   grabs him by the arm while declaring in a very, very loud voice: YOU AREN’T FROM HERE, ARE YOU?

 H: No maam. (Hubby looks scared, I whisper to him, just play along, she is probably crazy—at this point I am unphased).

CL#2 states (still shrieking loudly) you just made my day! For saying excuse me, no one does that anymore! Then walks away cackling loudly.

Where do these people come from?

Lastly, when first moving to CT, we lived in a duplex. (Us on the bottom, crazy neighbors on top).  First night we move in, I unknowingly parked on his side of the Carport. CN (crazy neighbor) comes barreling down the road and proceeds to stop by the carport and starts screaming at me:

CN: What the F*** are you doing in my spot! Get the H*** out. That is MY SPOT.

Me: (thinking he is about to burst a blood vessel in his forehead) Hi, I am your new neighbor, didn’t know this was your spot. Nice to meet you!

So, as you can tell by the above events I attract crazy people like ants to a dropped piece of candy on the ground! I don’t know how I do it! Hopefully, I can stop this soon, but I have a feeling they will find me sooner or later, they always do. (TWILIGHT ZONE theme music)


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