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Texting is Killing my Marriage…


Well, almost. I mean I do have a flair for the dramatic, just a little.

 I do admit that I have  a lot of crazy traits–obsessive deleting, inability to cook pasta, screaming NOT IT in the middle of conversations with the Hubby, deafness (only when I hear something I don’t want to do), and I suppose I am a bit quirky. BUT these are all things Hubby loves about me…right Hubby?

But, I just CAN’T.STOP.TEXTING. I admit it. I am obsessed.Rather than pick up the phone (EVER) I just text. Everyone, everwhere, all the time. This is where we get into the “ruining my marriage” part. The BILL. Not pretty people, not pretty AT ALL.

Me (trying to hide the Sprint bill, miserably failing)

Hubby: What have you got there?

Me: Hmmm you aren’t going to like it. My cell bill.

Hubby: How much did you go over THIS time? I mean you HAVE 1000 texts! I have 200 and I never go over!

Me (in true addict form): I know, but it isn’t enough, it is just NOT ENOUGH…really; I promise not to do it next time (all lies, mind you)

Hubby (sighing heavily): Do you have to text so much? Why don’t you just call people?

Me: Because I HATE talking to people. Texting is in and out… I don’t have to talk and if I am bored…I can just stop texting. You should blame my cousin for teaching me!

Hubby (exasperated): BUT, you always text back; it is like you ALWAYS have to have the last word!

Me (still in denial): They must have messed it up somewhere….right? I know…I know…..it is a serious problem! Do you think they have a Texter’s Anonymous?

Me (inspired by genius): I know! We should just pitch a “texting only” plan to the cell company….do you think they would go for it? That is what I need!


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Worst Case Scenario…


During the visit with our Aunt we asked how our cousins were doing. If you can recall, these cousins are HILARIOUS.  One of their previous conversations consisted of this: Kids say the funniest things… ! So you can imagine my excitement to hear how they were doing.

My Aunt said she called to check on how the kids were doing. Apparently, Cousin Brother wasn’t feeling so good and had recently just finished reading the Twilight series….

Aunt: How are you doing?

Cousin Brother: Not so great. I feel awful.

Aunt: What do you think is wrong?

Cousin Brother: Well, I am concerned actually because I fear the worst.

Aunt: What do you mean?

Cousin Brother: Well, I hate the light and the sun hurts my eyes. I have to stay in the dark.

Aunt: Hmmmm

Cousin Brother: I fear I may be turning into a vampire!


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The Kewl Texter


Recently I spent some time with the entire family and I taught my Uncle how to text. I don’t know what is with these OP’s (old people—but being a nice niece…I fell for it) they think they want to be so cool and learn technology, so I fell into the trap. Here is what happened:

Uncle (exclaiming): I just learned to text; text me anything! I am so cool!

Me (texting): K

Uncle (texting): What does that mean?

Me (texting back…even though I was in close proximity): short 4 ok

Uncle (texting): k!

Uncle (more texting): Hi. BTW how r u?

Me (texting faster than him): wow, impressive….ttyl

Uncle (yet again…texting): what does that mean? K!

Me (not texting): sigh

Uncle (texting): What does that mean?

Uncle (another text): k!

Now, I get these random texts all the time, can you guess what they say?

Uncle (random text at 6am): k!

After talking with my cousin (his son) he told me: NEVER, NEVER teach him any technology…..or you will regret it! HA HA! (That is why his own sons don’t teach him….isn’t that right, Matt?)

I am starting to understand this now. That is what I get for being so willing to share technology!


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The Bad Influence


Since moving to AZ, Patches Phoenix (the dog) has found her lover (her cousin Sydney). Well, we think they like each other a lot since they are constantly licking inside each other’s mouths. Not that we mind…..but sometimes you shouldn’t be that forthright—in front of the parents. Now Sydney is a lab (you can read all about her in her blog called: After Dinner Entertainment: Priceless).

If you’ve ever read Marley and Me, that is Sydney. She is a lab, but definitely has some issues. You cannot leave out flip flops, sometimes she mistakes carpets for bathrooms, and she also is TOY CRAZY. She enjoys taking out all her toys and leaving them EVERYWHERE. And I mean after she has come over….I will find toys hidden in the weirdest spots DAYS later. So, what I am getting at is that Patches is impressionable. She has always been pretty clean and low key…her downfall is whining….and I mean CONSTANT whining…if you are not touching her constantly then she is whining. But for the most part she has always been well-behaved, non-messy, and cute. Until now…..

Sydney has taught Patches the art of TOY Chaos. Now I sometimes come home to toys strewn about the living room, as terror grips my heart…. WHAT? I hate picking up toys! She has also taught Patches how to tear the toys up….first take off their eyes, then slit their throats, then pull out all the stuffing and toss it about the house? What is this world coming too?

What is happening to my good dog (ok my semi-good dog)? She used to be so good, she used to clean up her toys…..what a bad influence cousins are!


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Elmira, NY

Well, yesterday was the one week mark of Nanny being laid to rest with Pop. I find myself going through hills and valleys. Sometimes I am sad and other times I flashback on all the good times and I know she would want me to remember the good times. SO, keeping that in mind, I will share a few pictures with you of our times in Elmira. It is an amazing little town and I hope to get back there for visits someday.

This is Elmira: Fall 2008 The Chemung River (or as I affectionately called it–the crick)


And this is a tree in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn (took our breath away)


These are some of the Cousin buddies….we love each other can you tell?


The infamous (for sayings) cousin brother and sister (little one is also known as my mini me)


Me and Hubby in Elmira at Christmastime


The best place to eat in Elmira, note the name, they make the best pizza and subs—hence the name!


And (one of my favorites) when Nanny took my aunts, me and the hubby upstate to see the sites and have a lunch at one of her favorite places.


Last, I will end it with my favorite painting of Nanny and Pop that always makes me smile!



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Kids say the funniest things…

kidsayings1Note: Below is an actual conversation between my cousins (brother and sister-ages 9 and 11). I do not make this stuff up!

Cousin Sister: My brother’s voice is changing.

Cousin Brother: So what! I am just going through puberty.

Cousin Sister (to me in a VERY loud voice): Do you know what puberty means?

Me: No, what does it mean?

Cousin Sister: You grow hair in all the wrong places!


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Conversations with a nine year old…

My cousin buddy and my hubby had some pretty interesting conversations while in New York. They go like this:

Hubby: You have been wearing that same sweater for two days now!

Cousin: Pink is in! Plus I look beautiful!

Hubby: Pink is not in after Labor Day, didn’t you know?

Cousin: Oh yea? You wear Pink everyday!

Hubby (unfazed): Oh yea? Where?

Cousin: The bags under your eyes are always pink!

Hubby: ouch

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Cousin Buddies

So, this past week I have been able to hang with cousins….some I have never met, some I met a long time ago and some you wonder why you are related! J

Anyways, my cousin and Sar made up this game this week of “cousin buddies.” Meaning each cousin has a match with another cousin and that makes your cousin buddy match. The rule is you can only have one cousin buddy, you cannot be part of a triplet. You then must come up with a sign to state your cousin buddyhood. It can be a secret handshake or any other type of secret signal or sign. But, no one wants to be mine… If it weren’t being flaunted in my face by my sister and cousin then maybe I would be able to accept it…..do you want to be my cousin buddy?


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