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A sister’s lesson

Rae, The Hostage, and I were watching a movie; when Rae and I decided that we were hungry.

Rae (to the Hostage): MAKE US DINNER.

Me (copying her): Make us dinner….

Hostage: NO! After the movie

we continued this pattern for about 5 minutes. For the purpose of this blog, I won’t repeat it for 5 minutes, but I wanted you to get a feel for how annoying us sisters’ can be….

Me (matter of factly): Rae, you don’t have a good grip on controlling this hostage. If he won’t do what we say, we are going to have to get a new slave. Learn how to control him or he won’t ever be useful!

Rae: Yea, I know…he doesn’t do what I say.

Me: Not a good sign, if the Hostage revolts.

Rae (more directly to the Hostage): Make me cookies NOW!

The Hostage: NO! I don’t want to.

I think the Hostage is going to have to be beaten…..

To Be Continued….



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The Hostage


Hubby will be away all week at a conference and I am taking a prisoner hostage.

Side Note: a little sadness, but I get the bed to myself. Just not sure who to torment yet…maybe Rae.

So, I told Rae we are hijacking her Boy to come cook for us all week. I told him under no certain terms that I don’t feel like eating cereal for the whole week, so we need someone to come and take care of us! Me and Rae WOULD REALLY eat cereal all week–chocolate chex to be exact.

The Boy better be scared, we want a home-made dinner on the table everynight! Hubby does not envy the Boy at all and told me I better not torment him since he has quasi-agreed to come over and make us dinners.

Poor Boy, stuck with the two non-cooking, lazy sisters…poor, poor Boy indeed.

I wonder if I can get him to do some housechores? Maybe I will leave him a chore list!  🙂

UPDATE: Hostage is in house now, sleeping. Rest up my pretty, because we are expecting a full course dinner tonight!


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This is why dessert is important in our house…



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Evil Dynamic Duos and Dinner

mmmm Arbys!

mmmm Arbys!

Dear Hubby,

Since you are not here to feed me, I must fend for myself (scary thought). We are running out of cereal, so there are not a lot of choices. After last nights’ pasta fiasco, I wasn’t even about to attempt making dinner. So, I stopped at Arby’s on the way home. Nothing like a roast beef sandwich to end off the day and the pets couldn’t have agreed more with this. 

MMM give me that Arbys! Or I will eat you!

MMM give me that Arbys! Or I will eat you!

Here are your evil fur children, accosting me throughout the whole dinner, and at one point I thought Boston might maim me for my roast beef sandwich. I think it is time for a pub style table ASAP! 

I am so cute...GIVE me your Arbys!

I am so cute...GIVE me your Arbys!

HEY! I am right HERE! Hand over the roast beef.

HEY! I am right HERE! Hand over the roast beef.

So, being the amazing mother I am: I gave some roast beef to the evil dynamic duo in fear of my life. And then Boston almost ate my finger off.




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The Squirty Squirts


We went out to Outback last night and it was soooo yummy! While looking at the menu, we had some interesting conversations, thanks to me! Hey, I like to keep things lively.

Dad: Do you like lobster?

Me: No, and I HAVE tried it more than once while we lived in Connecticut and it just didn’t agree with me.

Dad: That is so weird, lobster on the east coast is like steak to the west coast.

Me: Well, lobster gives me the squirts. If I have it, I am glued to the toilet for hours and hours and hours….


Hubby: This is great conversation, right before dinner. I KNEW I missed you. NOT.


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Dinner Indigestion

So during dinner conversations with the sisters and hubbies, I stated how I noticed I have to eat really slowly or I get this burn in my chest.

Me: I can’t eat. I think I am dying. When I eat, my chest hurts.

Sar’s Hubby: You probably have Gerd. It happens when you are stressed out.

Me: What was the source of your stress?

Rae and My Hubby (answering simultaneously):  Sar!

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Blast from the Past

So, this past week we finally got the first season of Knight Rider in the mail from Blockbuster (it has been on long wait status for like forever).  AND I cannot get enough of it!

I can remember how much I LOVED that show as a kid (Michael Knight and Kitt). I thought they were real, I thought he was an amazing crime fighter and I wanted to BE Knight Rider. So, when he came to our town to film at The London Bridge, you can imagine my excitement. The movie was called The Bridge Across Time, see here: http://www.stomptokyo.com/otf/Bridge/Bridge.htm

 Never heard of it? Yea, I have no idea…..something about Jack the Ripper being transported through the bricks of The London Bridge. All I can remember is that I was 7 years old and couldn’t have been more excited to hear who was in town. My excitement was uncontrollable. I just knew, if I could meet him, then I could invite him to dinner and learn how to become a Knight Rider and have a car like Kitt. Maybe I could be the Knight Rider’s long, lost daughter! The possibilities were endless!

Well, it all happened….I met him, got his autograph, invited him to dinner and everything. I can even remember the card that he handed out (a picture of himself in the black jacket– yea, I have no idea where that picture ended up, probably in the trash somewhere) to which he autographed something on the back. He made some excuse about not being able to come to dinner and my hopes and dreams were shattered. I could never look at him the same afterwards. He broke my seven year old heart. I remember telling friends how I met him and invited him to dinner, but my version was something like he had to get back to Kitt, otherwise he would have stayed….but, you know, duty calls! After that, I never loved Knight Rider with as much fervor again, but I still watched the show because maybe, just maybe he really did have to go fight crime and rescue damsels in distress.

Now, all those feelings are coming back and I know if I could just invite him to dinner again, this time……maybe he would come? Maybe?


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