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Thanks, Mom


My mom sent me an email today, since she is a reader of my blog, she remembered (with concern) my post regarding Eye Twitching & Alien Babies.

This phenomenon still rears its’ ugly head every now and then, and I thought I would share her advice. Since, she obviously figured out what the culprit was, much to my surprise it isn’t Alien Babies ( know, I am still shocked cause I am almost positive there is one in there kicking around), but behold the culprit (DUH DUH DUH) (highlighted in BOLD)

Email from Mom

Found this in something I read today and since I know you get these, I thought you’d find it interesting.   Love you much, MOM
What makes your eyelid twitch?
This annoyingly common condition is known as eyelid myokymia. Not a lot is known about eye twitches, which are more likely to occur in the lower eyelid than in the upper, though they’re probably caused by the misfiring of a nerve. But experts know that fatigue, stress, and caffeine all increase the likelihood of the pesky twitching. So do eyestrain, poor nutrition, excessive alcohol intake, and allergies. Fortunately, eye twitching is almost always benign and usually goes away by itself. To put an end to a bout of the eye flutters, cut down on coffee and alcohol and give your eyes—and your whole body—a good night’s rest.



Ummmmm not quitting my booze intake, guess I will just have to deal with the aliens kicking around in there! J

But, Thanks MOM, your a genius, but I already knew that! Love ya!


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Emails from my sister…


Sister: Why have you been writing so many blogs? Are you trying to outdo me?

Me: Cause I have been bored. Blogging is not a competition.

Sister: Yes it is.



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Got Mail?

So, a last night the hubby and I are reading in bed. He is reading Maxim magazine and interrupts me to tell me…

Hubby(shocked, disbelief): Listen to this! People are paying 40 dollars to this “left behind “ website so that they can leave people email messages after the rapture has taken place!

Me: Are you kidding me? That can’t be real! Who would pay $40 bucks to do that? It is probably just a joke.

So, the next day, I go online, and lo and behold….the site exists! (I really need to come up with my great idea, so I can strike it rich and retire, but that has yet to happen.) Quite a thorough site, colorful with great word choices and very to the point, what is the catch you ask? Well, money of course. You can’t leave a message for free! A mere $40 bucks annually will get your message to your loved ones.  You don’t believe me, check this out: www.youvebeenleftbehind.com  (nice name, right?)

My question still remains:  are all the people that are going to be left behind going to remember to check their email? I highly doubt the first thing that will come to mind is: Gosh, I have to check my email (despite the fact all my friends are missing), I know that Joe (from down the street) left me a message, knowing that I would be left behind! I can see it now I bet it says….if you are reading this, you are S.O.L! Better luck next time…….


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