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The “B” Word


Ok, so I have another confession: I dislike babies.

I don’t understand them and I don’t like them. I recently found my long, lost twin sister in blog land, (ok she isn’t my real twin sister, but it seems like IF I met her, she and I would hit it off immediately) her recent blog:  baby talk (conversations with my mother). sums up my feelings on this topic EXACTLY.

It isn’t that I HATE them, it is just that I don’t understand them and everyone’s obsession with it being “my turn.” NO PEOPLE. I do not want to spawn offspring. I know they will be of the devil. I was a demon child, and I know that if I were to have a child, mine would be a thousand times as horrid as I was. No.thank.you. I don’t mind kids once they are 5-6 years old because at least then they can tell you what they want, and they go to school, but babies, all they do is eat, sleep and poop and quite frankly that is my sole ambition in life, so the competion in itself would kill me.

And who needs that kind of competition anyways? Not me.



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What do you think?

Hubby is still away….so no tormenting him. Hacim was so popular that I will tell you a bit more about him.

Over the summer, as Hubby and I were moving from the East Coast, we stopped and spent a few days with Hacim and his girl. It was great to hang out with them and we had some very funny conversations. One of them being the topic of marriage. Hacim and his girl have been together for awhile now (and I think they are a good match), and just to get under his skin I brought it up. In my defense though, he brings up the baby topic. Which is yucky to me. I like kids, but the thought of having one come out and stretch out my you know what doesn’t appeal to me. (Ok, judge away). Plus I am not a baby fan. I like to hang out and give them back. That is it. So, basically we know how to thoroughly annoy each other.

However, this time when we were talking about marriage he acutally wanted to talk about it.

Hacim: I found the perfect ring for when I get married.

His girl (rolling her eyes): WAIT til you see what he wants.

Me: I am excited! Show me.

His girl: GUESS where he found this “supposed ring” he wants!?

Me: Where?

Hacim: THE SKY MALL magazine!

His girl: ugh.

So we then go online and he shows me the ring of his dreams. It is funny, usually it is the girl that is excited for the jewelry, right? But, as Hacim showed me the picture, his eyes lit up with excitement, joy, and adoration.

Here it is:


Me: OMG this is hilarious. When you were saying you wanted a Batman ring, I was thinking a decoder ring. You know you point it at the wall and then a big B is on the wall.

I never laughed so hard…..but now I kind of like it.

So, what do you all think? Could this pass for a wedding ring?


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My Crazy, Insane Sister Strikes Again


So, today I went to lunch at my favorite place, Jersey Mike’s (see Jersey Mike’s), with my sister and her funny friend Emily (name change courtesy of my sister) from work. We had a great time, that is until my sister started lamenting her fate. She can be a real debbie downer when everything is not all about her, as I am sure you can imagine. Here is what happened:

Me: So, I wrote another blog today.

Sar: EH, I am so over blogging. My friend Karen read my blogs and said they stank and weren’t funny. So, I just might kill my blog, since no one loves me and my stats have gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy down. (deep sigh)

Me: OMG Rae said you wouldn’t last.

Emily: Yea, I read your blog. It is kinda funny.

Sar: If people aren’t talking about it and DON”T love me, then I am NOT DOING IT ANYMORE.

Me: You are so ridiculous.

Sar: I want people to love me. I am AMAZING.

Emily (rolls eyes): There goes the competition again…..middle child syndrome.

Sar: My blog is NOT good enough….sigh.

Emily: I am going to write a blog about YOUR blog.

Me: OMG you guys are soooo funny.

Well, folks, Emily did it. AND she is AWESOME. She feeds right into Sar’s crazy, middle child mind. Check her and my sister out at the following address. It is best if you read them in tandem.

Happy laughing. How amazing of a blog promoter am I? Gotta love family!

Sister: Middlechildadvice\’s Blog

Emily: Liketotallyawesome\’s Blog


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Where do Babies Come From?


(Note: The following conversation is, IN FACT, a real conversation. It really DID happen, and I did not make one bit of it up! I did, however, change the name to protect his identity…although he probably won’t talk to me after this anyway)!

Since Hubby is away this week, I will have to find other people to torment…and I can think of one person, in particular, that I have been meaning to torment via blog. One of my FAVORITE friends from WAAAAAYYYY back. For the purpose of this blog, let’s call him Hacim. Hacim and I went to highschool together and have known each other for a VERY long time. (I think he would say we have known each other too long). I consider him one of my best friends, although he would proably say he doesn’ t think of me that way, but it is just a cover. He would be quite sad without me. Isn’t that right, Hacim? 🙂

Well, when we were in college Hacim, myself, and my roomates had a VERY interesting conversation one night. It went something like this. (FYI–My memory is very accurate when it comes to this and I think you will see why). 

Me: Hey, Hacim do you know where babies come from? (He didn’t take Advanced Bio 3-4 like the rest of us smarty pants, so I thought I would make fun of him—hey I used to be smart!)

Hacim: Of course, I do. They come from a boy and a girl when they do stuff together.

My Roomate: Oh yea, but where do they come out?

Hacim: Well, the girl grows another hole somewhere down there (pointing down).

Me and Roomie (trying to contain our laughter, but failing MISERABLY): What do you mean…”grows another hole?”

Hacim (clearly getting angry): Well, HOW should I know, I am not a girl. They just grow another hole and the baby pops out, right!?

Me and Roomies burst into a fit of giggles.

Fast forward 12 years later:

Me (sing song like–in front of his new girl): Hey Hacim, WHERE DO BABIES COME FROM?

Hacim: Shut the eff up!

His Girl: What is this story?

Me: I can fill you in, see it all happened one day in college….

Hacim(rolling eyes): Shut up!

I don’t think he will EVER, EVER live this down. EVER. Gotta love memories, right Hacim? 🙂


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I’m Not That Innocent…

Well, I am still pretty new at the the whole blogging scene, but I have received two of these now and must pay my lustful respects back to really cool peeps I have met out here in Blogland!

From Stephanie

From Stephanie

From Crone and Bear It

From Crone and Bear It

I received a really nice blog award from a really cool, new bloggy friend at It All Comes Down To This…. Check her out, and she will make you giggle as she does me!

I had also received an award from another blog that never ceases to crack me up, Crone and Bear It , check her out too because she (or her dog) is sure to have you snickering!

Now, is the challege: The Rule ( I was never good at following rules, but I will do my best)

1.  List six things that inspire your creativity
2.  Pass the award on to 7 more kreativ bloggers
3.  Link back to the person who gave you the award
4.  Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know


  1. Hubby 🙂
  2. My Pets
  3. Sisters
  4. Family
  5. Friends—those I know and those I stalk in Blogs
  6. I like to laugh

2. I hate picking and choosing awards (mostly because I don’t want anyone to feel left out) but I can definately tell you some of my favorites–in three words or less, and just because I don’t give you an award doesn’t mean I don’t lust after your blog….it’s just that I got tired of typing and I am lazy! 🙂

  • A Blog of Her Own —HYSTERICAL LADY
  • DarcKnyt —INSPIRING
  • For What It\’s Worth —FUNNY OLD FART
  • The PortlandPhile —MY TWIN WIFE
  • Confessions of a Young Married Couple —PISS PANTS FUNNY
  • Swimming In My Head…  —FUNNY BLOGGY BUD
  • I Can Grow People —FUNNY PREGO FRIEND
  • Here is your award…..you should return the favor to others to make them smile!

    Your award

    Your award


    Well there you have it! Thanks Guys, you are my crack! Love ya!


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    My Sister the Facebook Fiend

    My sister's obsession

    My sister's obsession

    This weekend, Sar learned to use Facebook and now is obsessed with getting as many “friends” as she can. It is like some kind of obsessive thing going on here, I mean we already have established she is a blog stalker, now she is obsessed with forcing people to be her friend on Facebook and if they haven’t responded yet, she thinks it is because they are contemplating “IF” they should be her friend. Honestly, everything is a competition with her. This is because she has middle child syndrome. So, unfortunately, she will never outgrow it.

    Sar (exclaiming vehemently): I HAVE 24 friends on my Facebook page now!

    Me: Wow, that is like 12 a day….amazing!

    Sar: I know, EVERYONE wants to be my friend!

    Me: UH HUH

    P.S. I wrote this blog about her to attempt to get her more friends on facebook, so she can fulfill her life quest of the most friends possible. Let me know if you want to be her friend and I can give her your name so she can bask in the glory of cyber friendships and stalkings.


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    So, survived the cookie party with Sar’s obnoxious 7am ish call to start getting everything ready. Overall, a success, but there was a bit of a battle over cookies….can’t help that I am territorial over the ones that I made!

    The party started with the most important part: THE BOOZE

    Nothing like a good Maker's Mark Cider

    Nothing like a good Maker's Mark Cider

    Winter White Sangria

    Winter White Sangria

    Then on to some cookie dough preparations…..
    real dough is for big girls!

    real dough is for big girls!

    And jumping ahead…..behold some cookies!
    mmm cookies...

    mmm cookies...

    And then comes TRADITON…our Victoria’s Secret Gang
    Victoria's Secret gang....with see thru lingerie

    Victoria's Secret gang....with see thru lingerie

    And a close up…..

    Our only boy surrounded by the ladies...

    Our only boy surrounded by the ladies...

    Rae's first VS lady

    Rae's first VS lady

    So, as you can see we had a fun time. We also made fudge, peanut kiss cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and LOTS of other goodies. MMM Yummy….I leave you with two partied out dogs…don’t worry they didn’t have any cookies! But, this is what happens after a day full of sugar and alcohol….
    Some tuckered out cousins...

    Some tuckered out cousins...

    Until next year….


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