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 New Site: goodbadandugly2.com


And a HUGE thank you to my friend, GB, for helping me through the “creative” process! I literally thought I would kill you at times…but I LOVE the new site…except for….just kidding! And for helping me, after I messed up my site yesterday too…I PROMISE to never touch anything again…


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What the Easter Bunny brought my sister

My sister, Middlechildadvice\’s Blog, got a super special surprise in her Easter Basket this past weekend……


Pretty cute, right?

He is a little vampire though. I forgot how much puppies like to bite! My toes, hair, and fingers are all sore!

I puppysat on Sunday and I am still recovering from it all….


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Yes, I believe in the Easter Bunny


I love the Easter Bunny, and at our house he ALWAYS comes. (Albeit in the form of Hubby, but that is besides the point)

One of my most favorite things that Hubby does for me is that he makes a big deal out of the Holidays for me. I don’t know why, but I.LOVE.HOLIDAYS. LOVE EM. Especially when it comes to holidays where one “gets” things. Easter baskets are a favorite for me because you get chocolate and LOTS of it. And because you have to go look for your basket….I like a little bit of a challenge, however if Hubby hides the baskets too well….well then I get crabby when I can’t find mine fast enough.

So, this holiday, the sisters are demanding Easter baskets too….

Rae: You better make me an Easter basket!

Hubby: No, I don’t have too….

Rae: Yes you do! Please? I will do the dishes (this is clear desperation here, people!)

Later on Hubby calls me

Hubby: So, I (the Jew) have to make you and your sisters Easter Baskets? What is wrong with this picture? And depending WHO is the nicest determines the SIZE of their Easter basket!

Me: I get the BIGGEST one! And don’t forget to hide them in good places–but don’t make mine too hard!

Gotta love Easter time! Hope you all have a great one!


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Not a person…

So Rae and the Hostage were talking, as they were reading my blog.

Rae: Hostage, no one agrees with you on the blog. They all think you are WRONG.

Hostage: That is because I AM not a person on the blog.

Rae: What do you mean? Your name is Hostage. You are a person.

Hostage: More like a slave. A slave isn’t a person.

Me (piping in): Of course they are! I mean back in the day people would trade things for slaves. They were such a hot commodity. Don’t you know history?

Hostage: More like a pet.

Me: Nah, people love their pets more, I think.

Hostage: Yea, I told you! I am not a person.

Me and Rae: EVIL LAUGH.

Poor, poor ex-hostage.



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He’s Baaaacckk!


Me: Make me French toast!

Hubby: ok

Me (jumping ahead): But, you have too! I have had a very stressful week!

Hubby: I said I would, but we don’t have bread, so I have to go to the store.

Me: Sorry, I am used to the Hostage being insubordinate, so I jumped the gun a little. It is so nice having you back…I think I have a whole new appreciation for you! 🙂


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Have you ever…


I have a tendency to people watch and make up elaborate stories about them. I don’t know why I do this, but I have done this since I was a child. I think it is due to my creative imagination.

Today, at lunch, I went out to people watch. I sat on the bench and watched as all sorts of people went past, as I sipped on my Starbucks. Here is are my observations:

1. One guy sitting on the bench chowing down on some Cold Stone Creamery Ice cream in a bowl.

Observation: I think he is a secret super spy. He is trying to act all casual, looking like a business person just enjoying his ice cream, but I see into his little ploy. He has this weird earpiece in his ear. That is because he is a top secret agent waiting for the “GO” to jump off the bench and catch the Boy that just walked past. See Boy for more details.

2. Two Students with shopping bags, in a seemingly in-depth conversation.

Observation: The two students are fighting over a boy. They are trying to reconcile their friendship through shopping, but really the girl on the left is plotting the girl on the right’s demise, she is going to poison her food once they get home.

3. The Boy who is wearing a green “I have no motivation” shirt and carrying his orange gatorade bottle.

Observation: The Boy is secretly an undercover computer whiz, who is being employed by a major drug dealer. He is pretending to look like a student who doesn’t care because he knows people are after him and if he wants to continue receiving his mass quanities of money from the drug lord, he needs to stay undercover. Little does he know the secret super spy is closing in….

4. 3 guys in business suits sitting on a bench. As the 4th guy takes their picture.

Observation: These guys are old friends and are in town for a highschool reunion. They have been out of touch for a really long time because guy #2 stole guy #4’s girl back in the day and they are finally getting past their differences to reconnect.

5. 5 pigeons swarming this weird lady on a bench (who is talking to herself)

Observation: The 5 pigeons are plotting to poop on the lady…because she won’t share her sandwich with them. She has no idea that she is about to be attacked.

6. A nerd type guy meeting a girl in Starbucks, however the guy has a wedding ring on the girl does not. The girl has a drink ready for the guy. Which he greatfully swigs down. The girl is big and preggo.

Observation: Starbucks is their secret rendevous spot, where these two lovers meet. The nerd guy is married, but having a sordid affair with the preggo girl. The preggo girl is really preggo by the nerd guys friend, but married nerd guy thinks she loves him and is about to divorce his wife. Little does he know that his wife is undercover at Starbucks watching this and will poison married nerd guy tonight.

And that, my friends, is today’s version of lunchtime entertainment. Hope I never spot one of you out there……


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More on the NOT IT front…


The cats are out front eating grass, getting some outside time, while Hubby and I sit and watch.

Me: Uh OH!

Hubby: What?

Me: Both cats are nibbling on the grass out front.

Me and Hubby (in unison): NOT IT

Hubby: You can’t call NOT IT before there is a noise or a present on the ground.

Me: Can too and YOU DID. Did you find that present earlier this week, that I left for you? You were asleep, I didn’t want to wake you by screaming NOT IT. 🙂

Hubby (incredulous): You SAW it and LEFT it?


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Definitately NOT Mr. and Mrs. Smith


I am laying on the floor, when Hubby comes and tries to steamroll me.

Me: AHHHH I can’t breathe. Why are you trying to kill me?

Hubby: Cause you tried to kill me earlier.

Me: True, I wish I had succeeded.


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The Best Day Off


Well, first I slept in. Which was AWESOME.

Then we got up, and went to Denny’s to have our free Grand Slam. MMMMMMMMMMMMM yummy! Then it was catching up on the DVR (watched Chuck in 3D, but was disappointed in the lack of 3D) and taking naps….I need more days like this.

Me: I want to stay home all the time!

Hubby: You can’t! You have to work!

Me: Eh….I would much rather stay under the covers, watch tv, and eat Grand Slams for breakfast everyday!


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Guitar Hero Addictions


Dear Guitar Hero,

I love you. You are a very fun game and I think I am addicted to your colorful notes. I see them everywhere! I  see color notes everytime I listen to any song on the radio. I see the color notes in my sleep. I see color notes all around me. I cannot get your songs out of my head and I love Midori and her green legwarmer socks and purple hair. I really feel that I AM Midori the Rocker!

P.S. Can you please cause my sister’s fingers to fall off, so she can stop being better than me?


A faithful fan

I guess this is what happens when you play for 5 hours straight.


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