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The Worst Week Ever…


It’s just been one of those weeks and I am just happy to put it behind me.

Here are the highlights:

1.  Had to say no to Jury Duty selection in fear that I would be homeless on the 12 dollars a day Jury pay.

2.  My car is broken, ok really just my sunglass holder in my car is broken, but still I loved that sunglass holder!

3.  Found out we are poor, ok I already knew this, but it hit me hard this week, AND I STILL HAVEN’T WON THE LOTTERY YET

4.  Didn’t win the lottery…oh do I need to buy a ticket to win?

5.  Cut the back of my leg while shaving.

6.  Got to enter meaningless data into a calendar at work.

7.  Didn’t get to use my brain this week….

8.  Drank half of our liquor….uh oh!

9.  Had people at work rub it in that I didn’t know THAT company policy is to pay you if you get selected for Jury Duty…didn’t I read the HR POLICIES? (sending rays of hate their way)

10.  Got to sit in two 2 hour meetings this week, and wondered what am I doing with my life?

11. Broke a small compact mirror in the morning, while half-asleep. Seven years of bad luck coming my way…

12. Accidentally deleted one of my shows in the DVR because I got “delete happy.”

Well, I am sure there is more….but thankfully, we are on to another week…which I am hoping will be much better than this week was!


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Me: HMPH. (Sighing heavily)

Hubby: What’s a matter?

Me: I could have been a juror on a murder trial! Instead, I am going back to my job tomorrow to do boring things…I won’t even use my brain…like I could have, had I been on a murder trial.

Hubby: Sorry, Dear.

Me: Glad I got my MBA….remind me, why I did that? I could have been learning all about murder…what to do and what not to do…so that I could plot your demise! Just like on my favorite show, Snapped! http://www.oxygen.com/tvshows/snapped/about.aspx

But, alas, it will be back to the boring routine for me…hmph!


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Jury Duty Survival


Well, I survived Jury Duty and lived to tell about it. I did not get kicked out, I did not stab anyone with my (now) confiscated fork, and did not follow some of your suggestions to say that I believed in “an eye for an eye” to get out of it.

I actually rather enjoyed it. There were TONS of weird people there, I mean you name it I saw it. There were all types of people (young, old, weird looking, smelly and ones that looked like maybe they should be on trial) and the lady on the loudspeaker thought she was a regular comedian. She even cracked jokes and told us if any of us got unruly she would have her bodyguard, the baliff, take care of us….which meant, I had to refrain from stabbing anyone with my (now) plastic fork, unless I wanted a trial of my very own. Which might have been fun, but I decided it would be a VERY expensive process for Hubby to go through and since I haven’t won the lottery yet, he probably would have let me stay in jail.

I was sitting next to this older guy and he and I kept getting picked for everything…and trust me, the first big case was a 3 month murder trial, and as much FUN as I thought it would be to get out of work for 3 months (because my name WAS selected), I decided I had better claim “financial hardship” being I highly doubted my work would pay for me to be gone for 3 months and $12 dollars a day for three months was NOT going to cut it, as much as I had wished it would! Next, my neighbor and I got called to do a 1 month trial, they didn’t tell us what this one was about, but again, $12 a day wasn’t going to cut it, so again I clamied “financial hardship.” Then we got to sit around for a bit “in case they needed us” and watch videos on the the Justice System….fun times, I tell you!

And that, dear readers, was my day in a nutshell. No fork stabbings this time around, but hopefully next time I am called to do my “public duty” I will be better prepared!

P.S. You will all be happy to know I got my fork back!


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Fork Stabbings, crowdings, and lack of free wifi

Well, so far Jury Duty isn’t all it is cracked up to be. First, I got my fork for lunch taken away from me while going through the Xray machine.

Xray scanners: Maam, do you have a fork in your purse?

Me: No, I don’t think so…..oh wait, yea for my lunch.

Xray scanners: We need to confiscate that. You can get it when you are done for the day.

Me: But, how am I going to eat my lunch? I promise not to stab anyone….

Xray scanners (not seeing the humor): There are plastic forks in the cafeteria.

So, there goes my fork stabbing plan…..hopefully I remember to get it when I am done.

I am crowded in a small room of people and I guess they will be screening people soon. In the meantime, I tried to get on the “free wifi” but guess what….it IS NOT FREE.

Woo hoo, guess my 7 years of bad luck has begun….let the fun begin!

To Be Continued….


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My Get out of Work Free Card…


Tomorrow I am summoned to Jury Duty. While most people would probaby not be excited for this….I LOVE the idea of missing work! I know, call me crazy, but a day of people watching ( I like to make up stories about people that I am watching….for instance, see that person that is in the cubicle next to yours….he used to be a mass murderer, until he stole someone’s identity…he is currently scoping you out and soon will kill you and take over your job!) See won’t I make THE. PERFECT. JUROR? Especially with my overactive imagination!

Plus, I get to sleep in an extra 30 minutes…..what more could one ask for? So, tomorrow I will report on my crazy day, that is, unless I am chosen to be on a trial…but that would be too good to be true. Imagine missing that much work……WOO HOO!

Yea, my luck isn’t THAT good because this morning I broke a small compact mirror, which means 7 years of bad luck are about to be upon me….eh, whatever….I am not scared. YET.


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