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Keeping It Real…

Snippets of conversations between Hubby and I.  Aren’t we cute? Yea, so life is always interesting…we have never had problems with a lack of things to talk about, I guess that is what makes us so compatible! (Besides the fact that I am AMAZING) 🙂

Here is our advice on keeping it real….

On Carpooling:

Me: You should drive me to work everyday, I need a chauffer!

Hubby: Then you have to get up earlier.

Me: Oh, never mind!

Real life Matters:

Me: If we get divorced, I get our house.

Hubby: I don’t see us getting divorced.

Me: Well, you never know….so I get the house just in case.

On chores:

Me: You have so many chores, when we get home…you have to make lunches, put things away, carry in stuff from the car…etc.

Hubby: What do YOU have to do!

Me: Well, I have to take a shower, and blog.

Hubby: Blogging IS NOT a chore…

Me: Well, it is kinda like it…if I don’t do it, I will disappoint some of my reader’s routines in the morning! I can’t have that kind of pressure on me. 🙂

On love:

Me: Wanna do it?

Hubby: I’m too full from dinner.

Me: Me too…let’s go to bed!

On Death:



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