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The Party House


I don’t know what it is about the area we live in, but we are either battling gunshots from the gang house behind us (although they have been quiet lately) or trying to sleep through all the racket at the party house. The party house is a house directly to the side of our house with a big garage. Every night the party house has a party within their garage…not even in their house, but in their garage. Come on, people? Who does this? It hasn’t really bothered me too much. That is until I noticed that every night this week (so far) they have had their garage up and their lights going along with a huge TV in the garage and then the reverb of the music singing me sweet lullabies as I try to sleep and count sheep to the beats of the noise.  I mean if you have a 3000 square foot house, wouldn’t you use it….rather than the garage?

At first I thought this might be the man-cave, but there are lots of parked cars out there (and not just guys) hanging out in the garage….maybe hanging out in the garage is what people do out here in Arizona….if you ask me it is weird.

 Call me crazy, but if I had a large, 2 story house, I would be inside the house! Weird if you ask me….. or am I just becoming irritable in my old age (don’t answer that)….but, hey! I told you how important sleep is to me….you don’t want to go there!

Have I mentioned I am not a people person…. 🙂



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Woman Cave!

Lately hubby has been talking about how much he wants his own “man cave” when we buy our first house (which hopefully will be happening in the next year). I told him he is more than welcome to have his own man cave…with whatever he wants in there on one condition….

Hubby: I want a man cave……I want it to have big TVs with recliners and toys.

Me (unfazed): That is fine, as soon as you buy me a house, you can have your man cave. But, I want a woman cave!

Hubby: What is in a “woman cave?”

Me: Remember how we went to go see James Bond this past weekend? Well, M had a perfect woman cave. Mine will be like that! It will have a large Jacuzzi Bathtub with a large TV on the wall with lotions and potions and a maid! And you can come in and serve me chocolate Strawberries…on a tray! 🙂

Did you hear that, Santa? Put that on your list! 



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