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A sister’s lesson

Rae, The Hostage, and I were watching a movie; when Rae and I decided that we were hungry.

Rae (to the Hostage): MAKE US DINNER.

Me (copying her): Make us dinner….

Hostage: NO! After the movie

we continued this pattern for about 5 minutes. For the purpose of this blog, I won’t repeat it for 5 minutes, but I wanted you to get a feel for how annoying us sisters’ can be….

Me (matter of factly): Rae, you don’t have a good grip on controlling this hostage. If he won’t do what we say, we are going to have to get a new slave. Learn how to control him or he won’t ever be useful!

Rae: Yea, I know…he doesn’t do what I say.

Me: Not a good sign, if the Hostage revolts.

Rae (more directly to the Hostage): Make me cookies NOW!

The Hostage: NO! I don’t want to.

I think the Hostage is going to have to be beaten…..

To Be Continued….




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Today’s episode of America’s Next Top Blogger is brought to you commercial free by Qbubbles at My Muddled Thoughts.

The question is: Do you believe in zombie-pocalypses, and if so how would you handle it, where would you hide, and would you survive?

First off, let me say: DO I believe in a zombie-pocalypse? That is like asking me IF I have seen Shaun of the Dead? That movie was based off of a true story, right? OF course, I believe a zombie takeover is possible! On a sidenote, it would be awesome if it would happen soon…I could use some zombies in my life to eat the people I don’t like…which lately seems to be a lot of them…(don’t know why, but there I go off on a tangent). Sorry, Qbubbles.

I think that IF I weren’t turned into a zombie immediately; I would hide somewhere like the Winchester….somewhere that has a lot of food, and a lot of booze, so I could survive for a while. I also think that I eventually could train the zombies to fetch things for me and do my bidding, by bribing them with food, booze, shots…whatever they wanted. I think, ultimately, that is all your friendly zombie wants….a little leadership, you know someone who can give them a routine. Then they might feel safe and secure in their zombie-ness. This would only encourage them to realize their true potential. We definately could all co-exist peacefully, with me as their leader.

But, how can I be so confident and how do I know I would survive? Because I have the zombie emergency procedure manual on survival, passed down generation to generation. And now, dear readers, I pass it on to you. Be safe and hope to see you at the Winchester!



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Are we really THAT old?


I should preface this post with the fact that I USED to LOVE going to the movie theatre and thought I still did until last night. Last night we saw Marley and Me, which was a good movie and I was just excited to be going to see a movie, since it is not a frequent thing for us.

It was our first “movie night” in awhile and I decided at 9pm that I wanted to go see it. (Mind you the movie started at 9:20pm.) But there is nothing like the spur of the moment…makes things exciting, much to Hubby’s chagrin. Especially when I dilly dally like I do. As Hubby is rushing around yelling at me to “HURRY UP or we won’t make it!”

So, we get there just in time to see the movie, despite threats…

Me: I am going to kill you if you yell at me anymore! ( As we all know I am prone to exaggerate)

Hubby: Not if I kill you first!

We get there with plenty of time…. just as the movie is starting. However, as I sit down next to a lady and her 5 year old (bouncing in his seat, can’t.sit.still.kid) I whisper to Hubby that I am going to move to the other side of him to get away from this kid. We then move down a few seats….a few moments later I hear a shrieking baby to my right. Come on, People? Why are you bringing small children to the movies? Ever heard of babysitters? I don’t know why this makes me sooooo crazy, well probably because we just paid an obscene amount of money to watch a movie, a little quiet could go a long way.

Then we are halfway through the movie and the teens in front of us are whipping out their iphones and playing around, causing a HUGE glare of computer screen to be in my face, while they point, whisper and talk to their friends. (Remind me why they are at the movies if they are just gonna talk on their phones? )Then at about 10 minutes to the end of the movie the people to the right of us start whispering and laughing (mind you the END of Marley and Me is SAD) and Hubby has to SHOOSH them, which doesn’t work that well anyway, but the effort is much appreciated!

We then get out of the movie and I say to Hubby:

Me: Tell me are we just getting old or are the movie patrons getting ruder and ruder?

Hubby: We are just getting old and crochety.

Me: Sad story, while I was hoping that was not the case…I guess we are those crabby people that SHOOSH everyone during the movie, you know the ones we used to make fun of when we were teenagers at the movies.

Hubby: Except WE didn’t have cellphones then!

I guess we really ARE getting THAT old, especially when our idea of a “great movie night” is staying at home in our PJs with some microwave popcorn and a DVD, instead of fighting with people at the movie theatre.


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