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Warnings from Patches, the dog.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you don’t take me seriously and you think I am crazy when I chase the cats and herd them from room to room. But, I do this for your own good. The other day I caught Boston on the computer and a few days later I uncovered some notes under Boston’s scratch pad. Mom, I think they are plotting something and just wanted you to be aware.

I love you.

Patches, the perfect dog.


Here is the site that Patches found. I thought I had better warn you readers out there (especially those with cats) because you might be in the same boat, and it is better off if you read it for yourself! The author really knows what he is talking about and I fear we may be in for an ambush!



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Guitar Hero Addictions


Dear Guitar Hero,

I love you. You are a very fun game and I think I am addicted to your colorful notes. I see them everywhere! I  see color notes everytime I listen to any song on the radio. I see the color notes in my sleep. I see color notes all around me. I cannot get your songs out of my head and I love Midori and her green legwarmer socks and purple hair. I really feel that I AM Midori the Rocker!

P.S. Can you please cause my sister’s fingers to fall off, so she can stop being better than me?


A faithful fan

I guess this is what happens when you play for 5 hours straight.


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