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My First Tacky Ornament Party

So, at work this week they have what you call a Tacky Ornament Party. I have never been to one before, and normally when I think tacky I think one of two things:

1. How tacky is tacky? DEFINE because I can probably get really tacky

2. I can always hit tacky, but probably also rub in how great the school I went to is compared to the arch enemy university I now work for…..you know, hit below the belt. I am just mean like that…

So, after struggling for some time, I came up with my first tacky ornament…it might not win any prize, but it does foster my love for my University of Arizona Wildcats! Poor Wilbur he is made out of a wine bottle ….

Wilber the Wildcat! Even Santa loves him!

Wilber the Wildcat! Even Santa loves him!

Wilber from behind (note his A cape and his tail)

Wilber from behind (note his A cape and his tail)

Well, there you have it folks….no worries, I won’t quit my day job, just yet!

Oh yea, and I offered to make Hubby one for his office at work too…you know to get him in the Tacky Ornament Spirit…but he turned me down…..guess he wasn’t impressed with my artistic skills! 😉



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Meet the Neighbors

Since moving to our new neighborhood, we have met a few of our neighbors. All seem relatively nice and cordial. The neighbors we haven’t met, as of yet, are the ones that live directly behind us. However, we did meet them at about 2am one night, as some of them (highschool age) proceeded to try and jump into our backyard after the cops were called. We solved this problem real fast by letting Patches out, as we told her “Bite their heines!” (I don’t really know if she understood, but she certainly ran around like a psycho barking…..which hopefully startled them enough.) So, in the meantime, we figured they were just kids having parties, while their parents are out of town, no harm in that, right? Well, little did we know that the very next weekend there was another party and another round of cops and some proclamations of “west side, south side.” This time we were armed with all the numbers we needed…HOA, police, etc.

This was all about a month ago, since then it has been relatively peaceful and quiet at 2am on Saturday, which is great. Now the biggest irony is that this “gang house” (which is what I call it) is riddled (no pun intended) with Halloween décor. I mean the decorations are everywhere! Pumpkins, witches, spiders, cobwebs in the window, lights, you name it they have it. I am contemplating dressing up as a gangster and trick or treating, just to see what it is they will pass out!

Perhaps, little toy guns?


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