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Perfect Match


As of today, Hubby and I SHOULD have been in Texass (that is what I affectionately call it), however due to his evil job we are still here. (NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE). So, we are hoping to hit the road on Tuesday early morning to go visit his family for Christmas and my birthday. It is a 14 hour road trip, and yes, we are driving. I am not the best person to drive with because this is me, ARE.WE.THERE.YET????!!!! I know, you aren’t surprised, right. Plus, I usually have to go to the bathroom every 3 miles….yea, I am usually not allowed to have any beverages! I mean you know you have a problem, when our dog is better on these trips then me…..

However, today I am wondering why we AREN’T there yet……I am SO ready for a mini-vacation and break. We haven’t been anywhere fun in awhile and I need a break from my mundane life right now. Now, I am trying to get in the mood to go to work Monday, which I am CLEARLY NOT IN THE MOOD for. Because it was hard enought to be motivated on Friday, when I thought I was not coming back for awhile. I don’t know how I am going to get through tomorrow withought my flask….

On another note, Hubby and I were talking today and this is how we know we are a perfect match.

Hubby: I am trying to get in the Holiday Spirit, but I feel like such a grinch this holiday.

Me: I know, me too. And I NEED some booze to make me get in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT! We need to drink more Maker’s Cider.

Hubby: Do you think it is a bad thing, the amount of hard alcohol I have been devouring chugging consuming drinking lately?

(NOTE: His huge bottle of Maker’s is got maybe 2 shots worth left…and we just bought it in the beginning of December!)

Me: No, you need it and somedays I think I need the whole bottle too….

Hubby: That is how I know we are a perfect match!

Me: I know.


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