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New Year Resolution Attempts


I never was one for making  resloutions, only because 1. I usually can’t remember them and 2. I am never good at keeping them (hey at least I am honest). So maybe it should be called New Year’s Resloution Tasks to Attempt IF I feel like it. Yea, I like that.

Well, here they are:

1. I will try and crack open a cookbook to learn to cook more dinners for Hubby (yea, who are we kidding). How about, I will try and crack open a cookbook to help Hubby find new and improved recipes!

2. I will try to not ask “are we there yet” every 2 minutes if we go on any LONG road trips to Texas, or wherever. Instead, I will ask “how much longer” every 5 minutes.

3. I will try and win the lottery so we can be rich and famous! (This way I can watch TV all day and attempt to continue to read cookbooks.)

4. I will buy a house this year….well with the money that we win with the lottery winnings, of course!

5. I will stop proclaiming NOT IT whenever I don’t want to clean up cat vomit, cat litter or any other nasty present we see in the house. (Ok, this one is a blatant lie, but I can attempt to attempt it….)

6. I will try and clean the house more, rather than saying I needed to lay in bed because I am allergic to cleaning.

7. I will try to do poop patrol in the backyard, take out the trash, and help pick weeds rather than say to Hubby “Those are a boy’s job and I don’t want to take away from your ability to feel manly.”

8. I will try to stop leaving make-up chunks on Hubby’s side of the sink and clean them up when they happen because Hubby hates when I leave messes on his side. (In my defense, I do this so he can always be remembering and  thinking about me fondly!)

9. I will try not to call Rae and Hubby Pukey 1 and Pukey 2 after they both puked New Year’s Eve because they drank too much.

10. I will try not to torment and squeeze Americus, the evil alarm clock cat, as much this year.

11. I will try not to torment my sisters so much even when they are mean to me and even though we are all grown ups now…..

12. I will be thankful for an amazing Hubby, who puts up with all of my antics and loves me still unconditionally, right Hubby?

Well, there you have it. My attempts to be a better and more well-rounded person for the New Year, although I think I am pretty amazing already….but I guess everyone has some improvement areas….

I hope everyone has an Amazing New Year and wish everyone health, happiness and winnings from the lottery for 2009!


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