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End of my Rope…

rope_by_matt_westI have heard that bad things happen in three’s…..so I think I should be about done now. Yesterday my car was broken….and it just about put me over the edge. I feel like I can’t win lately and no matter how hard I try to have a positive outlook, something always happens to alter it. What is going on lately? I just can’t seem to get ahead at all.

I am hoping that the string of bad luck will end soon or else I think I will let Rae’s new pet, Charlotte eat me. Here’s hoping. Here is too the end of my bad luck……or a tasty lunch for Charlotte!



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Rough Times…

I got a horrible news this past weekend that my Nanny (Grandma) was injured in a serious accident this past weekend. I have been an emotional train wreck. She and I were really close and I feel very thankful for the time I got to spend with her. The last few years, while living in CT, we have gotten to see her and spend ample time talking about all kinds of things and for this I am very thankful. Her death was unexpected, but luckily she held on til our family flew in Monday night. She was an awesome lady. Full of spunk, personality, wit, charm and most of all love for all. I treasured every moment I had with her and I know she is at peace. I have so many great memories and stories with her…she was the matriarch of a great family and we won’t forget her.

I love you Nanny. Rest in Peace, and we know you are with Pop now.


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