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Americus: an Update

Americus woke me up this morning to eat. I have NEVER been so happy for a wake up call from her!

So far, she has eaten a little wet food and a very tiny amount of dry food last night. Things are looking up.

Thanks for all your well wishes, out there. It means a lot—to all of us! 🙂



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Question of the Day


Just curious.

Is it bad that I come to work, with the intent to spread my germs everywhere?

Or is it worse that no one I work with cares?

Or is it worse yet, that I work in a healthcare environment?

Being the evil person that I am, I hope they all get it!


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Lysol the Germs Away…

Right now, I want to marry Hubby again.

He has cleaned the house, while I wallowed in my dirty blankets with my stuffy nose watching the worst movie ever, Private Valentine…don’t ask. I love Jessica Simpson, but that movie was horrible. At least it made me forget my germs for a bit.

So, lo and behold Hubby shows me the bedroom, which he has cleaned for hours…no more does the smell of snotty tissues, dog barf (the dog barfed yesterday in our room…luckily, due to my sickness, NOT IT rules did NOT apply) and the bathroom sink is CLEAN. YAY! I am so happy.

However, this made me think of a very funny memory. One of my first times visiting Hubby’s hometown in Texas, I got really sick with some kind of cold/flu thing. So, Hubby’s Mom took care of me. And I was grateful. But, here is my memory. She cleaned the entire room I was staying in from top to bottom, changed all the sheets and then just as I was getting ready to get into my new, clean sick nest…..she sprayed everything….including my pillows with Lysol! And I don’t mean a little bit of Lysol. BUT, I mean drenched everything in Lysol. It was horrible…the smell….ugh. And now Lysol scares me. It really does.

To this day, when I get sick, Hubby says if I don’t behave he is going to spray me with Lysol. And THAT is enough to make realize how lucky I am when Hubby makes me a nice, clean sick area….Lysol Free!

P.S. I guess I will stop writing mean things about him for now…



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Tunnel Ear


Still want to die. I think I have tunnel ear. You know, where your ear is so blocked up that normal, everyday sounds are magnified to be 20 times LOUDER than normal. For instance, the neighbors booming stereo, sounded like it could have been playing in my room. Maybe there was a party in my room while I was sleeping, let me tell you that Nyquill is good stuff. Although I am getting real close to needing another bottle of it.

I can’t hear out of my left ear at all and my left nostril is completely shut down. I have slept a total of  a day and a half (and I think I will go sleep some more) and still feel like crap! What is this? 

 I am quite attractive too….tissues stuffed up my nose (due to not being able to blow my nose).

Thanks for all your well wishes, hopefully I will make it through this. Hubby sucks at being a nurse! Not to say I would be any better….


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Nyquill Daze


Hubby made me sick, or maybe it is the fact that everyone at work is coughing and hacking on me. My genes of steel have finally given in and I am going to crawl under my covers and die. If I survive my Nyquill-cold-induced daze, I will be back with a vengence, but until then, me and my wads of tissues are going to go die in bed.

See you around. If I make it.

Hubby (proud of himself): See! I made you sick, now you can stay home and call in sick to work!

Me (said with a stuffy nose): Yea, thanks A LOT. Who wants to call in sick on their sick days?


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The Real Truth

This may come as a shock to most of you, since I am so amazing in so many other ways: witty, humourous, sarcastic, and amazingly intelligent. Well, the list goes on. But, I must confess.

I cannot blow my nose. (There I said it…stop being a Judgey Judgerson!)

Since the time I was a little girl, I have been unable to do this simple task. MANY have tried to teach me, and failed miserably. My nose will actually run, and I have one of two choices:

1. Put a wad of tissues up my nose, so the snot doesn’t drizzle down my shirt (or)

2. Sniffle the snot back into my throat, so I can hock it up later (I know, attractive, right?)

Everyone I tell this to looks at me like I am completely NUTS, so I have to ask…..is there anyone else out there, like me, who is unable to blow their nose? Please people, I cannot be the only weirdo out here, right?



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